Bizarre Portraits of People With the Back of Their Heads as Beards

Upside Down (Faces) is a bizarre portrait project by Milano, Italy-based photographer Davide Tremolada. The photos show the front and back sides of individuals digitally blended into a single head, with the backside of the head serving as a giant beard. The resulting look is quite surreal, especially if the subject already had a beard to begin with.

Tremolada writes,

The faces are joined with their own nape (in differentways according to the single person) and are both visible at the same time, a sight that is impossible to have in real life. This act of “merging” creates a surrealistic effect, where the people watching the photos tend to move the eyes from one side to the other, without finding a fixed place, a sight that can give a whole vision of the face. Here document and fantasy are brought together, playing with the thin limit that characterizes photography. We are here between reality and a the way the artist can use and modify it with its own will.

You can find more photos from this project over on Behance.

Image credit: Photographs by Davide Tremolada