Canon Rebel T4i/650D Touchscreen in Action

Here are a few videos showing the new Canon Rebel T4i/650D’s touchscreen LCD in action. The navigation options (e.g. pinch to zoom and swipe to change) are very similar to controls found on smartphones.

Gizmodo suggests that many of the new features (e.g. touchscreen interface and continual autofocus Live View) could be a foreshadowing of what we’ll soon see in Canon’s rumored mirrorless camera.

  • russianbox

    touch screen, hell no thats horrible.

    do they no test this out in the field? GIVE ME BUTTONS

  • russianbox

     also i always have a protector on my screen so the touch wouldn’t work for me anyway. >:(

  • russianbox

     putting the video on the power switch is ALSO really annoying as I can’t just flick it ON, i have to make sure i’m inbetween off and video. there goes more control out the window.


  • Guest

    on a rebel, I really think the touchscreen controls are great… much better than buttons which take so long to get to different modes… makes it easier for a lot of people to control the output and see it real time too…

  • Guest

    The touch screen isn’t my cup of tea, but I think it’s a great idea. The only problem is that by nature of the design of SLR’s, it requires left handed use. I guess that’s fine for 7% of the population, though.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    using the screen looks so annoying and time consuming. at least they still have all of the other controls there to use instead.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Canon must be really out of ideas, because this is a bad one.  It seems like something they did just to dick around with their technology toys.

    They obviously didn’t think it through, because it’s mostly just the same interface with the same tiny UI elements, but controlled by touch.  Tiny UI elements are fine for buttons, but usability and input are two sides of the same coin; a huge redesign process is required when you are changing the input type.

    The best camera control interfaces are those for which I never need to take my eye off the viewfinder.  A touchscreen not only detracts from that, it’s completely the opposite concept.

    Oh, well, usability has never been Canon’s strong suit.  I just hope this does not become a trend; that would absolutely ruin DSLRs.

  • 9inchnail

    There are articles on here teaching people to hold their camera steady and press the shutter without inducing motion blur. And then comes this… holding your camera with one hand, fiddling the display with the other. That’s gonna produce great photos, I’m sure.

  • _skye_

    I love Canon but no not this idea, and I really hope its not something they decide to use in future on their cameras, touchscreen is nothing but a mass of fingerprints which really have no place on the LCD of a camera, also does it disable or something because whilst using viewfinder wouldn’t it affect the screen, as sides of face come in contact with the LCD now?

  • Albin Roussel

    that will be great under humid weather…

  • Osh

    I would tick that LSD with my nose every single time.

  • rtfe

    watch out for breathing walls

  • 9inchnail

    Why would it affect the screen? Even the old models have sensors underneath the viewfinder to deactivate the display when you cover it with your face.

  • Mário Guilherme

    Seems pointless.

  • Mário Guilherme

    Humans are going to lose their opposable thumbs.

  • _skye_

    True I forgot about the sensor doing that!, still it would have more fingerprints on it than a case in scotland yard! My own opinion is that its a gimmick that’s not really needed

  • Flgraphics

    seems very cumbersome to use while you are trying to hold the camera. Not to mention all the fusing will probably mean you miss the shot anyways. No thanks

  • Throwingit

    I’m looking forward to the Canon branded Stylus. 

  • Mike Kelly

    Hearing alot of negative comments, I remember the same thing said about Apples I-Phone.  “Oh, the screen will get scratched and wont work”, “it’s a passing fad, Im sticking with my Black Berry!” blah, blah, blah.

    It’s a simple fact, technology progresses x10 fold, you snoze, you loose.  it’s become a race to see who can pack the biggest punch in the smallest package.  Im bias.  I’ve allways been a loyal Canon fan but I dont see how this hurts anything.  I can blaze through menus much faster on my I-Phone with one finger, than I ever could using a stupid track ball in my Black Berry.  I dont see how this couldnt be any diffrent for the T41

  • xx

    you can  switch off the touch function and use buttons instead.

  • Rosh Sillars

    Actually, I like the touch screen. I miss it when I go back to my other cameras. I say those saying they’ve got to have buttons are missing the dials on their phones too :-)

    This is a nice upgrade. The continuous focus for video is nice, but manual is still the standard for more professional video. The HDR features are also helpful modes.

    Rosh Sillars
    Author: Canon T4i Digital Field Guide

  • Mark Bellis

    I’ve just bought a t4i and ordered your book – do you think that putting a screen protector on the touch screen is a good idea? It doesn’t look like the screen would be hard to replace if it got scratched.

  • Rosh

    The screen holds up fairly well and I don’t use one. If you are worried there is nothing wrong with using screen protector. It all depends on the use and environment you are photographing.

  • Mark Bellis