1-Bit Camera App Harkens Back to the Old Nintendo Gameboy Camera

The 1-bit camera app is definitely not for people who love to mess around with filters and tweak high-quality images on their iPhone, there are plenty of other apps for that. Instead, the 1-bit camera is for those of us who remember using the old Nintendo Gameboy Camera; for those of us who don’t mind paying $0.99 for a dose of good ol’ fashioned nostalgia.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t customization features, you can still change between dithering algorithms, but the app’s strength lies in simplicity (and a little bit of humor). Plus, the app comes with all of the sharing features we’ve come to expect; so whether you’re a Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook user, or all of the above, you can send all of your friends on a trip down memory lane with a little bit of 1-bit action.

[1-Bit Camera]

  • Timmy Size

    Nerdstalgia – app for android. Check him out. Works a treat.

  • Marja

    That’s gonna look so good on my Geocities homepage!

  • bogorad

    Paper Camera does so much more!

  • Dennis Marciniak

    The question of the day – will it work with a gameboy printer?

  • Dsfjlksdf

    Psh I still have the real thing… and the gameboy printer. 

  • Dsfjlksdf

    Psh I still have the real thing… and the gameboy printer. 

  • BlackWillie51

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