BlackBerry 10 Camera Features “Timeline Lens” that Captures Moments You Miss

The new BlackBerry 10 operating system was unveiled BlackBerry World 2012 today, and one of the amazing new features that wowed the crowd was the camera app. It features a seemingly-magical “timeline” lens that lets you rewind sections of photographs in order to recover moments that your fingers weren’t fast enough to capture. Did your subject blink in the photo? No worries… simply rewind their face and you’re good to go! Basically, the camera is constantly capturing frames as soon as the app is loaded, so there’s always a small buffer of previous moments stored for you to recover.

(via Engadget via Photojojo)

Update: The app may possibly be a rebranded version of the Scalado Rewind app that we showed last year.

  • Ben Marshall

    wow casio did this like 7 years ago.

  • guest1

    Really? Then they utterly failed to market it or sell it, because everybody would know about this.

  • Guest2

    Reminds me of the Nikon 1

  • Guest

    Below some of photos taken with BBZ10, no adjustments or correction or improvements.