Cardboard Digital Camera by IKEA

Check out this strange looking digital camera made by IKEA out of cardboard. It was included as part of a press kit at an event in Europe recently, and apparently the “disposable” camera might go on sale sometime soon in IKEA stores. It uses two AA batteries and stores up to 40 photographs in the built-in memory. Images can be downloaded to your computer using the USB connection that swings out from one of the corners of the camera.

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  • trevorcoultart

    All cameras are disposable.

  • Merv

    dis·pos·a·ble adjective /disˈpōzəbəl/ (of an article) Intended to be used once and then thrown away- disposable diapers- a disposable razor

  • Elf

    Great for those rainy days outside.

  • Jackson Cheese
  • Hburger

    Cool! Any sample pics taken with it?

  • Dee

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  • Gabriel Esparza

    Then, a digital camera cannot be disposable, for it can be used an unlimited number of times. If this is a disposable camera, and it is digital as well, then all digital cameras are disposable.

  • Andrew

    The fact that it’s cardboard i’d consider it more disposable unless you’re really careful with it so it doesn’t get wet or stuff spilled on it. Cool toy though.

  • trevorcoultart

    Marv, you win.

  • Knur

     People are disposable too.

  • Matthew Naftzger

    not so disposable. 

    then again, that may depend on your income level.

  • Mikael Engvall

    Not a sustanable product. As in sustanable development!

  • Paul

    I thought Kodak came up with this concept before 20-30 years ago..

  • RachelLynne

    Bad logic…your Aristotelian sorites does not make that conclusion….

  • Elliott Burton

    Well sure, the shutter can be replaced and body slapped back together. But I don’t think any camera sensor was designed to last a hundred years…

  • hfxPhoto

    But they (sadly) mismanaged their business (in the industry they created!) and went out of business.

  • Ash Chuan

    This is a cool gadget.  I am hoping to get one to try out.

  • Me

    Talk about a waste of resources!

  • KayKay

    I would totaly get oneee