Stolen Moments: Matt Stuart on His Fascination with Street Photography

Here’s an interesting video in which street photographer Matt Stuart shares some of his work and talks about his love for street photography. In an interview with More Intelligent Life, Stuart states,

I’d like to be a mirror. And show people who live where I live what they’re like or what we’re doing or how we act. How we live. I think Garry Winogrand said he looks at people as animals and aren’t we bizarre? It is that standing back and trying to show us how we behave, and isn’t it funny or isn’t it sad or isn’t it ironic? I love how people act in public places.

One interesting statement he makes in the video: “the lovely thing about street photography is […] that the best stuff there’s absolutely no way you can stage, or even think of. It just like… happened, and isn’t that weird? Then it’s gone.”

(via ISO 1200)

  • Michael

    That’s the kind of street photography short documentary I enjoy watching instead of those Go Pro POV versions.  Thanks for sharing

  • Knur

    So much better than a self-styled Eric Kim (a self proclaimed Street Photography Expert and photography teacher !  )

  • Benicio Murray

    Great video. Street photog really is a labor of love

  • Corvus Corax

    Very nice video ! This must be an MP that he is holding, can anyone guess the lens ?

  • Knur

    Leica MP with 35mm lens.

  • Wallerus

    Of course he shoots Leica, expect any different? Nope. 

  • Azety Azety

    just like the first comment
    @Wallerus:disqus : i was hoping for a real camera, like fuji X PRO 1 or Fuji X100.
    Cause Digital Leica are very bad.

  • Jamie Furlong

    So THAT’S who took the shot of the pigeon! This guy is a modern-day hero. 

  • Corvus Corax

    if it is a 35mm,looks like the 35 f1.4 then

  • Mike Fraser

    This is excellent stuff, taken by someone who understands that street photography is not just taking a picture of someone on the street.  I think most street photographers are aware of Matt’s work, even if they didn’t know it was Matt who had taken the shots.