Composite Diner Photograph Shot with 24 Lights and 20 Subjects over 12 Hours

Here’s a video in which photographer Ryan Schude walks through how he went about shooting a photograph titled “The Diner”. The image involved 24 lights, 20 subjects, and 12 hours of shooting. Check out his crazy lighting diagram and the finished photo.

(via Scott Kelby via Fstoppers)

  • Coy G. Koehler

    that location is really amazing… i’ve always wanted to shoot there.

  • duncs

    Inspired by Gregory Crewdson no doubt

  • Alexander Lupascu

    really awesome project..i would have done only one thing different…i would have turned on the restaurant drive in sign…would have loved to see a little bit more colour there :D

  • Per

     Yeah, Crewdson on a budget. But it makes me glad that it can be done with simpler equipment.

  • m

    Inspired by Crewdson—who, in turn, credits artist Edward Hopper.

  • Kite Wright

    Maybe, the internet is not the right place to view a photo like this. I suppose if it was printed 6 feet wide, that it might be cool. As it stands, even viewing full screen, it’s boring. The upper third of the picture is useless; it adds nothing to the scene. The light in the diner is coming from about 30 different directions, which makes it just look wrong. The drive-in sign being off is a really poor decision. You probably spent 100 hours shopping this photo, why not shop the neon. The focal point of the photo (the man with the flowers) is probably the least interesting entry point of the image. Had this been even a decently lit unposed, documentary photo it would hold up for it’s historical value (much like the iconic image of the drive-in movie theater with the train going by in the background which required some tricky lighting as well). As it stands, I’m just not impressed. It’s strobist masturbation. Just because there’s 24 lights used to make an image doesn’t make it great.

  • Rladams_kona

    Totally fun, keep it up. (!)

  • Blach

    going to have to agree with Kite here,

    The result simply wasn’t worth the trouble. 

    Leave it to crewdson, or step up. 

  • Flgraphics

    I agree with Kite as well.. all I see is a lot of unexplained lighting sources

  • Mike

    Where is the pig in the photo?

  • Pat David

    I dropped in just to say this exact same thing…

  • Jon Cancelino

    it’s decent, but over hyped I think. i followed Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Di Corcia and all those Yale Photographers when I was in graduate school also. But it really becomes gimmicky after a while.

  • Mr Hogwallop

    But Crewdson has an edge…there is always something disturbing going in a Crewdson image.