What the Nikon D4′s 11FPS Looks Like When Captured at 1000FPS

Here’s a camera shop promo that features the Nikon D4 filmed with a Phantom Gold high speed camera. It shows what the camera’s 11fps shutter and iris mechanisms look like when captured at 1000 frames per second.

(via Fstoppers)

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  • OSAM

    A great ad for the guys at Scheimpflug, really.  Skip to 0:50 for the good stuff, end at 1:30.  A nice 40 seconds, if a bit overly produced for what the video is.  Still nicely done, but it doesn’t really show the shutter that well at 1000fps.

  • Chris Bentley

    The whole tone of this video is what someone transported from 1500 to today might feel towards consumer technology.

  • Nate

    Less shiny, more pew pew.

  • aj

    Stuff the nikon d4, i want the phantom!


    @Chris_Bentley:disqus my fŕiënd’ṡ sṫëp-aunṫ makës $68 an ħôüŕ ôn ṫhë ċômpüṫëŕ. ṡħë ħas bëen laid ôff Fôŕ 6 mônṫhs büṫ Laṡṫ mônṫh hëŕ ṗaỳ ċheċĸ waṡ $16957 jüṡť wōŕĸing on ťhe ćōmṗuťeŕ Fōŕ a feẃ hōuŕṡ. Heŕe’ṡ ťhe ṡiṫe ṫō ŕead mōŕe..

  • zachawry

    Could the editing and production in that video be any more annoying? It’s like they gave a 15-year-old boy video-editing software and let them go crazy. 

  • KH

    So stylized, the video is pretty useless.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    That mirror is very steady, not a lot of shaking going on. Nice. (And I’m a Canon fanboy, for your information)

  • TRphotodesignpl

    What is so exciting about it ? D3s had the same burst speed ?

  • Enrico G86


  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    Agreed. This could have been 1/4 the length. I lost interest and watch a cute kitten video instead.