What 10FPS on a Nikon D4 Looks Like in 1920FPS Super Slow Motion

It’s not uncommon for digital cameras to have burst modes as fast as 10 frames per second these days — especially in mirrorless and pellicle mirror cameras — but do you think you have a good understanding of just how fast 10FPS is? If not, check out this video by YouTube user krnabrnydziobak, who pointed a Phantom Miro eX2 at a Nikon D4 to see what 10FPS looks like when captured at a staggering 1920FPS.

The D4 shoots 10FPS ordinarily, but can be boosted to 11FPS if auto-exposure and autofocus are disabled.


The video shows the mirror and shutter mechanism flapping up and down, with the curtain opening for 1/200th of a second in each exposure.

Want a more detailed look at what goes on during one of these cycles? Check out this video that shows a Nikon D4 shutter flapping through 5000FPS footage. Want to see what the D4’s 11FPS looks like in slow-mo? Here’s a video showing 11FPS at 1000FPS.