Wet Plate Photography with a Giant Van Camera

Los Angeles-based photographer Ian Ruhter creates amazing photographs using a van that he turned into a gigantic camera. He uses the collodion process (AKA wet plate photography) to turn large sheets of metal into photographs, and spends upwards of $500 making each giant one-of-a-kind print.

Here’s Ruhter is with a 36×24-inch wet plate photograph he shot in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It took him two years of hard work to make:

You can check out a gallery of Ruhter’s photographs here.

  • Mimyofoto

    this is so much more interesting than that Leica love-fest advermentary

  • Stephen O’Hara

    Fantastic shots, great artist. ┬áJust hope those chemicals aren’t being left in those beautiful spots like Yosemite.

  • Altus Pienaar

    Do you drive a car? Can’t see how you can be concerned about the impact of one artists chemicals when most one hour labs will use more chemicals in one day than what he does for his entire project. Love the concept and love the image.

  • Altus Pienaar

    From one photographer to another…..this is powerful stuff man….you demand utmost respect.

  • Killermotion

    way cool bro. way cool.

  • Flgraphics

    Awesome. flat out

  • Cullhach13

    Would love to see the van/camera too.

  • Cullhach13

    ┬áDoh, sorry, didn’t realise the picture was a video.

  • LauraJayne

    Ha! That’s flattering… glad I had the opportunity to promote such a cool project. Ian is an inspiring guy.

  • jordansuzette

    your work makes my heart proud, and i understand the heart break of failure, and the joys of accomplishments, to a much lesser degree. i photograph, ambrotypes, tiny in comparison, 5×7, it is an honor to have gotten to see you at work, and to see what is possible,

  • Sarah Clement

    Mind = blown. My brother began his wet plate journey last year and since then has traveled from Maine to Oregon doing them from the back of his car. But to build the camera into the van is astounding. I love to see real photographers getting in touch with the process.