Instagram Now Available for Android

It’s been a long time coming, but today the popular photo snapping and sharing app Instagram finally launched for Android phones. While it offers the same filters as its iOS counterpart, the new app has a look and feel that’s geared towards Android’s interface. Some features are absent from the initial release (e.g. tilt shift, blur, live preview), but upcoming updates will bridge the gaps. The app is available as a free download from Google Play.

Instagram [Google Play]

  • Spider- Man

    Pretty lame, far better camera apps for droid…

  • Joshmolina2

    it says it not compatible with my phone…damn it

  • Joshmolina2

    will they be coming out with a version compatible with android 2.1?

  • Johnny D

    Far FAR better camera apps for Android like MyTubo which I have found is the best out there. It does everything that Instagram doesn’t and has some amazing effects. Freeware is good!

  • Richie Cambio

    Uuuummm… Is it me..??? Or you people don’t understand that Instagram is a social app, and editing is just a feature…???

  • Jon Woodbury

    Vignette and Pixlr-o-matic are amazingly fun. I will download Instagram for the sharing functionality-where it excels-but it definitely can’t compete as an editor.

  • donuts222

    ….does that mean im lame if i still decide to use Vignette? 

  • Mbenavides


  • TSY87

     I think fandroids are just too caught up blindly hating anything that came from iOs roots that they are failing to realize that….


    Camera 360 has worked awesome for me since before 2.0 and it’s free.

  • Geoffrey Froment

    Brace yourselves, more hipster coming.

  • Gavin Stokes

    Nope its poor just installed it expecting wonderful things and its a major let down. Vignette is way better much more control. Me thinks apple fans cant accept a lot of the stuff they use is hamstrung.

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    And not a single fuck was given.

  • Kamen Todorov

    Not compatible with my Samsung P7500 Galaxy tab :(

  • Kristin Lacy

    It says it’s compatible with my Galaxy S, but every time I try to edit pictures taken with my phone it says they’re too small. What’s the point? If I have to download pictures to my phone to edit with Instagram, why not just use Photoshop? Pointless. 

  • Mute

    I’m loving Instagram on my Android. I have Vignette too but, as I did originally, people are comparing Instagram with apps like that when it’s not what Instagram is best at. You can easily create your images in Vignette and import them into Instagram, people have always used other photo-apps and brought images into Instagram (Hipstamatic, etc). The point of Instagram is that it’s a social network. It does some photo manipulation but that’s not the core. Vignette, like others, is all about control and the image. So keep creating your shots in Vignette then enjoy posting them in Instagram.

  • Mute

    They really don’t, but it’s not exactly been marketed like that to Android people. I was surprised to find the thriving network when I tested the app for my Android. I’m happy to use other photo-apps to create the effects and then post the result in Instagram. People should understand it’s not one or the other, you can use both.

  • Mute

    No, post your vignette pics to your network in Instagram. I think many Android people will end up doing this just as iOS users have been with other photo-apps.

  • Mute

    Have you checked your settings? I have the same camera as yours in my phone and the shots are accepted no problem. I’m shooting full resolution but if you’re shooting low resolution it’ll be too small. If it still doesn’t work then something, somewhere is broken.

  • Claire

    I can’t seem to download it on to my galaxy s – did you hav to change any settings?

  • Marylennep

    it need android 2.2 or up :((( and i have fucking 2.1 and can’t update

  • Jjbanddale

    Help me to update my Android 2.1. Shocks! I can download Instagram because of that!

  • Jjbanddale

    I can’t download INSTAGRAM because my android version is onnly 2.1. Instagram please make it compatible on that version. Many people wants to have it.

  • hannah montana

    instagram ! im begging you on all fours ! make the app compatible for 2.1 !!!!