Woman Born Completely Blind Now a Successful Photographer

Cincinnati native Amy Hildebrand was born completely blind due to albinism, a disorder in which the body is unable to produce melanin (the pigment that gives color to hair, skin, and eyes). After receiving a special surgery as a teen that drastically improved her eyesight, Hildebrand fell in love with photography and went on to study it in college. She is now a successful commercial photographer and is nearly finished with an ambitious “1000 photos in 1000 days” project she started in 2009. Her mother says that Amy’s albinism is actually an advantage in her photography:

As sighted people we have so much information we are processing because our eyesight is seeing so much. It complicates it. But in Amy’s view of the world, she’s so used to seeing things in intimate spaces, that she’s learned to appreciate what’s in front of her. [#]

You can find Hildebrand’s commercial work here, and her photography blog here.

Blind From Albinism, Photographer Uses Camera for Eyes (via Photojojo)

  • Michael

    Amazing story and perspective in life… thanks!

  • Pchan1998

    well, she must be able to see better then people with sight

  • Steffen Graumann

    Made me think of “You don’t need eyes, you need vision” said by Maxi Jazz from Faithless (can’t remember witch track)

  • Officer

    She is a Jedi master!) But seriously, unbelivable, fantastic. Congratulation, keep up the good work! 

  • The_photographer_Tom

    Inspiring story Michael, but when I click on the “Amy Hilderbrand” link on the first line, I get a 404 error.

  • ISL Recruiting China Ltd.

    There are always things we can learn from Amy and the like in our pursuit of lives.

  • As you were

    I can see well with both eyes, still I am an awful photographer…FML. Perhaps I should be an accountant

  • newamericanclassic

    beautiful family, love the intimate moments her photos capture. but imo waaay too much instagram-style post-processing–I wonder if that has anything to do with her vision though?

  • Spirulina

    What an amazing story! She probably appreciates things differently.

  • Alona @ Etiquette Blog

    What a great story! And the woman is so beautiful herself!

  • mike

    i don’t like them.
    there to ‘emo converse holding a ballon’ for me.

  • emo complementary

    wtf? haha

  • thispaperplane

    amy was shooting in this style before instagram was invented … take it from a long time fan !   ;-)

  • newamericanclassic

    good to know :) but people abused the pseudo-vintage digital PP long before instagram came out. it’s just not my cup of tea, which isn’t to say it isn’t good.