Israel Bans Use of Underweight Models in Advertising Photographs

While a number of countries are taking steps to ban the unrealistic Photoshopping of models, Israel has gone a step further: the country has banned the use of underweight models themselves. Additionally, ads that are Photoshopped to make models look skinnier must also now carry a disclaimer. With the new law in place, all models appearing at photo shoots for ads geared toward the Israeli market must provide an up-to-date medical report proving that they aren’t malnourished by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards. WHO states that a body mass index below 18.5 indicates malnutrition. By these standards, a woman 5’8” tall must weigh at least 119 pounds.

(via AP via PDNPulse via The Click)

Image credit: IMG_7144 by dsearls

  • ThinandProud

    Sounds like thin person discrimination to me… I was 5’8″ and 115 pounds in high school, and far from malnourished!  I had a huge appetite.  I was also athletic.  To call me malnourished would’ve just been hilarious.  Just another way for society to blame the skinny people for obesity…

  • Why are people dumbasses

    Who is blaming skinny people for obesity?  Are you a dumbass?  This has to do with dishonest marketing.  Also, if you were athletic, you were not the ‘typical’ individual.  Your comments just show that a person can take anything and twist it around.

  • Jeremy Campbell

    Hmm, my GF is about 5’8″ and weighs about 100 +-5 lbs. She isn’t malnourished or underfed. She just has a naturally (very) thin frame. BMI sucks.

  • SemeticJoe

    this is an excellent law, and I hope we can have one here in the USA. many young women loose their confidence because they believe that “that is the right look” when its  all photos hoped.

    now on a totally unrelated issue, I just hope Israel gets rid of their other laws that back fire on Jews everywhere in the world….. their apartheid against the Palestinians, and i say this as a person of the same race

  • Nirushalmi

    SemeticJoe, you don’t know what apartheid is, now do you..
    you just heard it somewhere but didn’t actually botherd to check
    the actual meaning, like saying a school teacher is a pedophile because he loves children.. why to get petty on semantics, right?

  • DeathToMetal

    Lots of stupid people here. Go jump on a bridge somewhere.

  • Ryantroop

    :( I don’t know if this is a joke or not…

  • Mattman_03

    This is great. Everyone should do this. There is allot of skinny girls out there that are naturally skinny, but in modeling there is nothing natural about it. What is the beauty in a female that you can see the ribs on like a dead dog? And has boobs the size of bottle caps?

  • Chris Vink

    It’s funny eitherway. Kinda useless though, I don’t see the point in jumping on a bridge.

  • Just Sayin’

     Just curious, at that height and weight, were you a runner? Not saying that’s not athletic, but any real athlete at that height would have more muscle mass, thus more than a measly 115. 130 is more the weight of an athlete at 5’8″….

  • Mbugua Kibera N


  • Ingemar Smith

    What is this trend about. No one REALLY believes these countries give two f/ks about women. So what does all this mean? Is it some weird kind of social messaging? What gives?