Wolfram Alpha Brings Advanced Image Processing to iOS

Wolfram Alpha has added a new in-app purchase option to its knowledge engine app that brings advanced image analysis and manipulation to iOS devices. The $0.99 add-on allows users to use photos taken on the fly or from their Camera Roll as input. They can then use the app to do things such as analysis, sharpening, edge detection, and apply various effects. You can find a list of available commands here.

(via Wolfram Alpha via Engadget)

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  • Richard

    Have you tried this Michael? 

  • Aburday

    This looks very cool, but it’s hard to tell if it has a use beyond the gimmicky, e.g. flooding your image with unnatural color. I’m not saying everything has to have a (sensible by my standards) use, but I wish it were a little easier to figure out what you could do with this. E.g. does the edge detect only return a black and white image, or does it return data in a format that you could use as input to further operations?

    The first link in the post is broken — the one to “Wolfram Alpha” — I think you left off the specification of the protocol.

    Also, it looks like your spam filter missed one — “Foreign Investment”.

  • Michael Zhang