Samsung and Panasonic Considering Android-Powered Cameras

Back in January, Polaroid unveiled its SC1630 Smart Camera that’s powered with Google’s Android operating system. Now, more manufacturers may be gearing up to have the popular smartphone OS built into their cameras: Samsung and Panasonic are both reportedly exploring this idea. Regarding what this means for consumers, Engadget writes,

It could be a major breakthrough from a usability standpoint, opening up the in-camera ecosystem to third-party developers. We could see Twitter and Facebook apps that let you not only publish your photos directly with a familiar interface, but also see photos shared by your friends. A capacitive touchscreen would let you type in comments directly as well. You could publish to web-based services, utilize apps that enable post-capture creativity or receive firmware updates directly over WiFi. That hotshoe or USB port could accommodate a variety of different accessories, like a microphone or 4G modem that could be used with several models, including those from other manufacturers.

One potential downside to having an Android-powered camera may be stability — imagine having to regularly reboot your frozen camera.

(via Engadget & Ubergizmo)

Image credit: Samsung NX10 camera by liewcf

  • mickshea

    a noble goal for Magic Lantern: Ice Cream Sandwich on a 5D Mark III. I would love to check my email on my camera during a shoot!

  • Casey Myers

    Can’t you just pull your smart phone out of your pocket on a shoot?

  • mickshea

    Yes, but I could also post pictures to G+ automatically. The camera on my phone is pretty lame in comparison.

  • fneuf gazouille

    I think the timing of those speech should be considered in front of last MWC imagining annoucement : Nokia PureView.

    Either Samsung and Panasonic are giving us the first hints of true convergence ideas within their labs or either they are just trying to refocus the imaging buzz…

  • Guest

    No no no no no. I agree, stability would be a huge downfall – this would potentially be a very bad move. My Android freezes and crashes and has slowed down a huge amount after only about 6 months, I couldn’t bear it if my camera was like that too!

  • Armando

    That would give your camera an average lifespan of 18 months.

  • OSAM

    “Samsung and Panasonic Considering Android-Powered Cameras”

    … aaaaand there goes any chance of my buying a Samsung or Panasonic camera.

  • Aus_Guy

    I digg it. My android htc desire hd runs perfect, and it’s 14 months old. Never crashed. Good hardware = no problem. Surely they’ll be making the cameras better than mobiles? Even if it never eventuates it’s good that camera companies are thinking outside the box.

  • rohicks

    Then I’d say you need to take better care of your phone. I’ve owned two android phones with froyo, ginger bread, and now ice cream sandwich. Learn how to use the phone and not bloat it software. None of mine freeze.

    Restore it to factory to wipe it clean. Unlock and root it and then load a custom ROM on it if your phone sucks that bad. You can customize the damn thing all the way down to the kernal if you’re not happy with it; that’s the beauty of android.

  • Mike Hunt

    Sorry dude, you have no idea what you are talking about.  I have owned Blackberries, two iPhones, and now a Google Nexus S and it is the worst piece of crap whether stock, rooted, running Miui, etc, etc.  What exactly do you mean “take better care of your phone?”  Do you mean water it daily?  Feed it non-GMO batteries?  The idea that a phone has to be rooted, unlocked, and customized shows how bad Android OS is.  This is why people, regular people, normal people, people with friends, families and “things to do away from the computer” generally prefer iPhones or even BBs.  They work, they are reliable, and they are fun to use.

  • rohicks

    Troll will be trolls.

    It doesn’t have to be rooted smart-ass. If you actually read what i said, “that’s the beauty of android” … being able to customize if you wanted to.

    Funny thing is you claim to have owned all these android phones, yet still return to use them and still complain about it. Brilliant dumbass! You might want to look at the market share numbers if you think “people” prefer iOS over android.

  • Taras Dzedzey

    This is good, you will have ability to install different program, timers, photo editors, share photos directly from camera ….

  • Khürt L. Williams

    I guess your camera will also come with a Wi-Fi radio or a celluar data plan for that.  A DSLR not a smartphone.

  • Seika

    Would it be possible that the Android used on this will be severely limited like the Linux or Windows Embedded used for car navigation system ?

    They could’ve limited the third party apps to only their own Marketplace and with different screen size, many applications wouldn’t scale that well either.

  • Сергей Самсонов

    Who said that Android gets frozen?

  • Ala Care Va Bate

    Geez! All those who are thinking about social features, please go back to your tweeting, damn hipsters! It’s not about putting your phone on a camera!
    This the real stuff: in camera pano stitching, HDR, distortion corrections, color corection, digital zooming, etc

  • T R

    As long as crApple stays out of it I’m happy.

  • OSAM

    You troll is showing; might wanna get that looked at.

  • Mrbeard

    This could potentially be amazing in ways we havent even thought of yet if 3rd parties had access to the cameras firmware

  • Guest

    I don’t what kind of Android device you’ve all tried, but I’ve owned several android devices with Froyo, Gingerbread and now ICS and I haven’t had any freezing or lock-ups. Also, Iphones also lock up some times: My fathers Iphone (4) siezed up one time and he had to wait 3 days for it to run out of power before he could charge it up and reboot it. 

  • Mute

    I agree, my ipod touch spat the dummy a few times, my Android phone has once after a year of use.

    All technology is subject to hiccups, what’s with the anti-Android trolling Michael? I know this is your blog and you’re free to say what you want but it would be nice to think you’re at least somewhat objective about the things you’re posting about. If this was an iOS-powered camera idea would you have said the same thing?

  • Edward De la Torre

    Killing tasks is pretty easy to keep things “stable”. I don’t think I’d idle my camera all day long if this was in my nikon.

  • Thefuture

    F          I           N          A          L          L          Y       !

  • Thefuture

     To all the naysayers: Why should we have to use the default menus that manufacturers put in every camera? I never use ‘sports mode’ I never use the ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ settings, but I think it would be bitchen cool if I could apply ‘artistic filters’ to RAW images while in MANUAL mode, or maybe there is some cool film emulation that someone has dreamed up for digital cameras, or maybe I could email this shot off quickly  …oh wait, the default menu architecture in my camera won’t allow that.  I GUESS I’LL JUST DOWNLOAD A MOTHERFUCKING APP AND GET ALL THESE THINGS DONE. 


  • JM

    Damn!!! It already locked up and got stuck sideways.   heheh.  j/k.

  • Student

    Just another electronic item to be hacked into…

  • Guest

    I take good care of all of my things – I said 6 months because that’s when it started slowing, I have had it much longer than that and it’s still going. I regularly clean out all the shit from it but it doesn’t change the fact that it gets really slow, really quickly. Why should I have to customise it if I’m not happy with how slow it gets? That’s Google’s problem not mine.

  • Gus

    Using android instead of their own existing operating systems opens up the camera to be used differently with potentially more standardized features.  The hardware manufacturers can provide the camera cheaper with more options that are supplied by software developers.

    But who cares.  It is not going to make a shitty photographer any less shitty or a good one any better.  Just create more features for less money.

  • Mers Pro

    an excellent breakthrough.. but  I think its a big chance for virus maker to screw on our camera, that’s one minus point the inventor should considered.

  • Ventyr

    Why would big companies like Samsung or Panasonic even think off this idea if its so bad thats some claim? Or maybe its a fast-profit trick