Superhero Photos Using an Old School Overhead Projector

Haristobald recently captured a series of Superman photographs without the use of Photoshop or body painting. Instead, he used an old fashioned overhead projector — with the lamp replaced with a strobe — and transparencies to project the Superman symbol across his model’s chest. The behind-the-scenes video above shows how he accomplished it. Here’s the projector he used.

Superman (via DYIP via Fstoppers)

  • Anthony Burokas

    Very inventive. Now they need to learn what a ladder is. 

  • Gunmanxxx

    you have an expensive camera but not a ladder?

  • Romanium

    all that nonsense, and the Superman logo is copyrighted, darn

  • Haristobald



  • John Milleker

    We’ll do the same thing on occasion. When out and about we’ll shoot textures, colors and abstracts that catch our eye on slide film, develop it, mount the slides, put them into a slide projector and replace the lamp housing with a strobe. Perspective can be fun.