Adobe Officially Launches Lightroom 4

Beta testers still have until the end of the month to play around with the program, but Adobe has now officially launched Lightroom 4 to the general public. The program features an improved develop module, a new map module, book creation, new video features, and space saving lossy compression for DNG files. It’s also significantly cheaper than prior versions: the full program costs just $149, while the upgrade costs $79.

Adobe Lightroom 4 (via PhotoWalkPro)

  • Buggle

    Adobe Lightroom 4 is an epic Fail.

  • Timothy Burns

     seriously? why is that? although, your comment leaves one to believe you’re simply trolling…

  • Ndt

    I seriously love LR, it is the best imaging/cataloguing software i have ever used, but after testing the new lr 4 for a few days now, i feel that it is beginning to become bloated with too many features. I dont think it was necessary to put a photobook module in or even a mapping feature as a separate module. It has taken LR3 from a 200mb program file, to a 900mb+ file on my mac. Why the MASSIVE inflation? It also runs so much slower on my 2009 macbook pro, but heres hoping it will speed up over a few days when its updating its catalogue. But well done Adobe, they have obviously put a LOT of work into this most excellent software, and they happily get my money on this.

  • Jeff Peterson

    Been waiting for Lightroom 4 to be released, have wanted to pick up a copy of Lightroom for a while but knew a new version was coming out before too long.  Good to see the reduction in price, the old price seemed a little much to me, especially with how far free and less expensive programs have come in the past few years.  Going to wait to see some of the reviews first but I’ll probably be picking this up soon…then there’s just the problem of learning how to use it.

  • James Bailey

    I brought a copy today and its a great app and version 4 adds some welcome features and improvements. The develop module alone is worth the upgrade. Its so much more intuitive. I’m finding that photos which have been updated to the 2012 process exhibit more detail in the shadows and highlights. It looks like LR4 can extract that little extra from my NEF files. I actually welcome the book feature. Its a logical extension of the output process and as such is a great addition. 

    I agree with the comments above. LR3 was quite spritely on my 2009 Macbook with 8GB RAM and an SSD drive. LR4 is virtually pedestrian and thats making micro adjustments to images harder as there is a lag between the slider moving and the preview updating. It also seems to take twice as long to load and that in itself is an indication as to how much bigger this app is than the last one.
    The beta is still open until the end of March, so I’m hoping Adobe is working on refining the code to deliver back some speed benefits.

    As for the price drop, I think this will work well in their favour. Its a reasonably mature product and as such represents good value at the new price. I’m sure more people will buy it now rather than obtain it from other *ahem* sources.

  • Ndt

    Hi James, I agree with all you comments, the price is very strategic i think. Cheap enough that its not even an issue for pro’s, but probably helps tips toward a purchase for serious amateurs and enthusiasts. 

  • James Bailey

    Hi Ndt,

    I found out that mdworker (spotlight) was causing some of the lag as it indexing the new files created from the Lightroom install. Its improved a bit, but its still a slower experience.

  • harumph

    If it lags like the beta, then I’ll just stick with 3.