Darkness and Light: A Documentary Film About Richard Avedon

Here’s a documentary film about acclaimed American photographer Richard Avedon that originally aired in 1995. If you have 90 minutes to spare, watching this movie is a great way to peek into the mind of a master and become inspired to improve your own photography.

(via Strobist)

  • Richard

    Avadon was a a genius. I saw this on PBS when it first aired and also have the DVD and its well worth watching. Thanks for posting it Michael.

  • Melo

    Avedon is someone who’s work I do admire, truly.  However, I found this documentary utterly pretentious and over-analytical.  Hearing all of these people wax on about the deeper meaning of blah blah blah.  My god, they’re portraits, I get it, but like they say… a picture speaks a thousand words…. thus they don’t require these people to indulge in the recollection on tape.  The worst part is the obnoxious editing of audio quotes over on another.  Who wants to hear five people speaking at once.  Arrrg.

    In contrast, I suggest anyone who reads this to watch ‘Wasteland’.  It’s one of the few documentaries about photography, art and an artist that is more about the process and watching the effect of the work unfold on the subjects I’ve seen.  And it does so without the artist’s ego taking over the film.  A moving and informative look into an artist’s work.

    Unfortunately, Avedon’s ego and recollections were the stars of this film.  Horrible.