Canon Radio-Controlled 600EX-RT Flash Replaces the 580EX II

In addition to its big 5D Mark III announcement today, Canon also made some big updates to its high-end professional accessories, the biggest of which is the new Speedlite 600EX-RT. This new top-of-the-line flash unit replaces the 580EX II and uses a new radio-based wireless triggering system. Communicating on 2.4 GHz frequencies, the new flash avoids traditional directional limitations associated with optical transmitters and offers two-way wireless transmission of up to 98.4 feet. It also features a higher guide number, an expanded zoom range, and a tougher build. You’ll be able to pick one up at the end of March for a cool $630.

Here’s a hands-on review showing the flash in action:

There’s also a new ST-E3-RT radio-based wireless transmitter that’ll cost $470, a GP-E2 GPS receiver ($390), and a WFT-E7 wireless file transmitter ($850).

P.S. Canon reportedly isn’t planning to put an end to 5D Mark II production, but will instead start selling it at a lower price point even as Canon 5D Mark IIIs arrive on store shelves.

  • guest

    How do you light a model in a fridge?  You don’t, because it’s a stupid idea.

  • guy

    cool review on the product, 
    but whats up with that fridge shoot? :S


    it is support TTL mode ?

  • guest

    That costs more than my DSLR.

  • guest

    That costs more than my DSLR.

  • Scott M

    So do you need the transmitter to use the radio capabilities of these flashes?  

  • Nach64

    Really unimpressed with Syls work

  • Franco

    wow, these are the sh*ttiest pictures i’ve ever seen

  • Cameron

    agreed ^ i don’t even know what you were using to film, but generally you try to hold the camera still…

  • who cares

    When in the damn fridge, a smart person (yeah yeah, I know I know) wouldève cropped in for a portrait type shot to use all the nice light inside the fridge surrounding the model . . . . . . . not to take a damn photo of the model in the fridge, ffs.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    The price is just too high. I think the 580EX II had a farely reasonable price, hopefully a lot of them will be available second hand now that this one comes out. Other than that I find it interesting how much they changed the design.


    way too expensive for what’s being offered IMO

  • Flgraphics

    too expensive

  • eddie mitchell

    What are Can playing at , i am a pro snapper and 5k for the 1dx 3k for the 5d MKIII 300 mm 6k  400/500/600 mm 8k 9k 10k


    There is no way they are so much better than the last models just because they have a II next to them’

    I have always said -its does not matter what gear you have its the person behind the camera that takes good pictures ,not the value of the lenses.

    There is a recession and most photographers I know are selling all there gear , there is no photographic work out there anymore , the papers are a tight as you like and wedding photographers are up against newbies offering to do the job for £400.00

    We are all doomed in this game , so I wonder what Canon are playing at !!!!!

  • Alexander Lupascu

    the design of the 600′ has nikon written all over it :)) i guess wireless radio was the only way that canon (their old optical system sucked donkey poo) could have been more effective than nikons CLS

  • Alexander Lupascu

    that photographer isnt really creative:)

  • Cochese

    I was cool on his photography until the fridge shots. But really, his point is very well displayed. Radio controlled flash is great.

  • Angel

    Yes, that stupid transmitter is $470.00 and the flash is $629.00.

    He just forgot to tell the world that the Canon ST-E3 RT has no AF Assist Beam and will not work at all on EX/EX II flashes.

    He forgot to tell the world that the Canon 600EX-RT will not work wireless radio with your EX/EX II.

    You will need two flashes ($1258 + tax+ 8AA) if you need AF focus assists.
    Yes, for that amount the the flash CAN NOT do wireless radio ETTL 2nd Flash Sync.

    Syls was been paid for not telling you the truth.

    If I put my child in the fridge and taken those shots, CPS would have taken my child away.   

    Look what he has done to the young model?  She had to put on a coat.

  • Billgates

    You are correct.
    In the USA, we are in a depression.

    And all real photographers are leaving the fields.
    People with advanced degrees have the same /or better equipment than pros.  
    Many are shooting everything on Programs.
    Yes, even ETTL II flash is really shooting in program modes.

    This unhealthy & out-of-shape man is shooting in ETTL.

    He should walks & climbs more often to adjust those flashes.
    Look at his stomach.  Not a healthy photographer.
    He will most likely be dead before 68.

  • NA

    Hey, no offense but you seem to be on a quest around the web to badmouth these flashes.
    Are you just angry because you can’t afford them??
    Just FYI – it does have af-assist.If you don’t like them, don’t buy them.

    And no, I can’t afford them either.

    Now, as for this ‘Syl’ chap, I happen to agree, his stuff is, erm, not the best I’ve seen.. 
    The first ‘sunset through the window thing’ I thought, ‘is that the effect he was looking for’??
    You could do better with a few 430s and scrims.

  • NA

    Here’s the deal chaps. Yep, there’s a recession. So what is Canon doing? 
    Charging more.  Why on earth would they do that? Well, pros will buy the best gear regardless, if they’re up to snuff and all that. Prosumers and struggling ‘pros’ (unemployed people with cameras and a website) will choke on the price and move on. And that’s EXACTLY what Canon wants them to do.

  • iphoto27

    Move over Canon 600EX-RT.

    ATG Gold MG8K Flash Kim X3 is way better.
    Better & faster than using Quantum Trio.
    No overheating
    No shutdown
    One second recycle from 1/1 full power
    Dual flashtubes
    Wireless radio ETTL II with many cameras
    Nine wireless flash modes
    Wireless radio up to 1/12,000 sync on monlight
    Wireless radio slave ETTL II on 430EX II or 580EX II

    I bet Syl Arena knew about this awesome ATG Gold MG8k Flash Kim X3, but he was paid or Canon loan him some equipment for free.

    I wonder if Syl ever locked up his kids when they didn’t behave.

    Placed someone in a refrigerator set a red flag for the law and mothers to …