Camera Awesome: A Free and Powerful Camera App for iOS by SmugMug

Want to upgrade the camera on your iPhone for free? SmugMug has launched a new iOS camera app called Camera Awesome that puts a number of fancy features at your fingertips, including separate focus and exposure selection tools, a one-touch “Awesomeize” button, fancy guide lines (e.g. horizon, rule of thirds, golden rule), and effects (textures, filters, and frames).

Here’s a brief introduction to the new app:

The app is getting rave reviews from users, and can be downloaded for free over in the iTunes App Store.

Camera Awesome [iTunes App Store]

  • OSAM

    Yup, because AWESOMIZING is what my photos need.

  • Keith Morin

    Tons of photo effect filters, but most of them you have to pay for :(

  • allan reyes

    I swear… apple should just make an iCamera where all this apps can be really useful. imagine an iDSLR where it’s ran by OSX and you can use this awesome apps. 

  • Allen T

    Allen it will happen and include Lytro !

  • Dave

    I am artistic because I know how to push a button!

  • Tony Nguyen

    Really cool filters. I’d say its worth the money for newbies who want some cool effects for cheap. Yes for awesomizing!

  • Mantis

    You mean like a shutter button?