How Not to Advertise a Mudproof Camera

The brilliant marketing gurus over at Pentax came up with this photograph as a way of illustrating that the company’s new Optio WG-2 is mudproof. Makes you want one, doesn’t it?

(via Pentax via Photo Rumors)

  • Shawn Thompson

    Needs more toilet paper.

  • Spider- Man


  • David LA Rodriguez

    Looks like big foot pooped it out, least they finally got a stool sample.

  • Shawn Parker

    I dunno, it does kinda make me want one. Any time I can inadvertently poop on an electronic doohickey and not damage it is a plus in my book.

  • Lori Appleman

    I have dogs.  It looks like something one of them left me.

  • Michaelangelo Ilagan

    Shitty advertising.

  • CathieT

    Your camera may or may not be sh ….

  • Philip Smith

    Can I be the first to make a Santorum joke?

  • Scott Mains

    So, Pentax finally put applied semiotics to their target audience!

  • Ken

    All it needs is corn.

  • 8fps

    Oh shit!

  • Aaron karnovski

    I didn’t think this type of camera was used in a colonoscopy?

  • Blake Williams

    As long as it has 41 Megapixels.

  • Andrew Bowness

    I feel sorry for the intern that had to squeeze mud out of tubes for this photoshoot.

  • stanimir stoyanov


  • Mario Liedtke

    Thats the most honest advert I have seen for a long time!

    (I don’t like Pentax very much, as they haven’t been able to fix a serious bug after 3(!) product updates.. => I bought a Pentax Optio A10 and A30 (A20 also had the bug) and none of them had a working AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for the mic sound volume. If you record a video in a slighty louder enviroment, the sound fails and you get damaged ears be listening to the CRiXXXKRRRAXXGRRIiiiiIIIIxxx you are forced to listen to, until you reach a mute-button. Therefor – since then – my opionen about Pentax is exactly hit with this commercial advert: It’s SHIT!)
    I like the advert!

  • Mario Liedtke

    edit: opionen = opinion (misstyped, sorry)

  • Ahd Child

    If there was a second camera and a cup in this picture, it’d make more sense to me

  • SuperLatino

    I saw past the shit and bought one, an awesome little camera.

  • mythbuster

    This is the world´s first SHITPROOF camera!

  • Boby

    its after 1am here in Italia, and i decided to browse the net to find this posting, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop laughing because of the comments!! thank you petapixle for brightening my day!

  • Adam Solomon

    Wow, it’s like a Cakewrecks/Petapixel crossover!

  • Jaxon S

     If it’s mudproof, just soak it in a mud and take a picture of it while it is still in the mud ;) How hard can that be?

  • Gcon

    Camera insertions – it’s all the rage

  • JKogure

    I know what you mean, I have the Optio 80W it’s supposed to be an underwater camera but it isn’t leak proof, even after we sent it in for repair. 

  • Mantis

    Didn’t they film The Human Centipede with one of these?

  • SmartiPants

    Its not a camera…it’s an anal polyp!

  • Gene

    I find it tough to feel for you.  If you want quality sound, but a real video camera, not a still camera that also happens to record video.  

    I do happen to like the advertisement though.  All it needs is another shot of them hosing it off.

  • Gene

    “Excuse me, could you get a photo of my girlfriend and I during our hike with our dogs?  Oh, don’t mind the shit on the shutter button, this camera is shit-proof!”

  • Jason

    Because a muddy camera in a light box is natural.

  • Alan Dove

    I hear Fox News will be buying a bunch of these for their journalists.

  • Flgraphics

    that camera is the SHIT

  • Frank Troiani


  • Anthony Burokas

    Well, they ruled out the red mud and black mud and went with brown. I guess waterproof isn’t “proof” enough. 

  • Greg

    at least it saves you from the embarassment of sending your camera to the repair shop with “I took a shit on it” in the description of how it got damaged.

  • Joe Russo

    LOL…  Seems to be a Pentax thing… although this is a bit older… but looks like they stay true to their word: 

  • Tom M.

    My horse ate my camera, but I got it back.