Plug In USB Cables Correctly the First Time by Observing the Seam

Here’s a simple trick for those of you who find yourself always plugging in USB cables the wrong way on your first attempt: pay attention to the seam on the metal tip. Apartment Therapy writes,

Look closely on the metal tip and you’ll notice that there is a seam on one side of the connector. This seam denotes the contact side of the USB. In horizontal oriented USB ports the seam should face down. In vertical oriented USB ports the seam should face left. If you follow those rules, you’ll get your USB plugged in the right way, the first time, most of the time.

(via Apartment Therapy via Lifehacker)

  • 3Horn

    Most USB cables also have the USB logo imprinted on the top of the plug.

  • Spider- Man

    slow news day huh…

  • RobertGammon

    Note: Should does not equal does. Some USBs that are up and some are right.

  • Through Painted Eyes

     first world problems ftw

  • chanman

    1) USB logo.
    2) For surefire 1st attempt success, just look inside the plug and see where the contacts are, and look in the port as well. Slower, but time effective if you spend a full minute trying to plug in your USB by trial-and-error anyway.

  • Chris S.

    but USBs have a spin of 1/3 (physics joke)

  • Joakim

    This work most of the time but some computer manufacturers put the female contact upside down :- I work as a computer repair and some models from HP or old Compaq is upside down.

  • Ryan

    Or how about someone designs a USB standard where it doesn’t matter which way you poke it in

  • Samuel Jerichow

    Erm my usb sticks have their seams on the sides. I remember “holes up” which also means “contacts up” (for sticks that don’t have the metal casing) which helps when you don’t see the port.

  • bibek
  • 9inchnail

    Great tip, gonna save me half a second of my life. Awesome.

  • Francois

    I do not see where is the problem… 
    I always get it right about 50% of the time ;-)

  • RiguPhoto

    Save half a second a few hundred times and you’ve made yourself time to eat a sandwich (or do numerous other activities).

  • jojomojo12345

    Not every USB port is installed in a PC in the same orientation.

  • Bacicg

    Only Chuck Norris plugs in USB correctly the first time…