Famous Explosion Photos Recreated with Cauliflower

Photographer Brock Davis likes playing with food. Among his food related experiments are recreations of famous explosions done with cauliflower. The image above shows the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Here’s the original famous photo taken that day (the photo he referenced can be seen here):

The Hindenberg airship disaster in 1937:

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan in 1945:

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Image credits: Photographs by Brock Davis and used with permission

  • Spider- Man

    Not a fan….

  • Mantis

    Wow.  Bizzare.

  • Alison Sainsbury

    Not make a pun, but this is pretty tasteless.

  • Anonymous

    This is neither tasteful nor artistic.

  • Junk Yard Dog

    I think it’s neat. Don’t get your panties in a knot!

  • Melanie

    Creative, but it doesn’t do anything for me.

  • Marquee Mark

    At last – a use for cauliflower!

  • Jjzeil25

    What a waste if time

  • Alan Dove

    Oh, the Brassicaceae!

  • Politically Correct Percy

    Tasteless? In what way (besides the obvious food joke)? 
    It’s cauliflower… If anybody is actually offended by this, I suggest you please refrain from turning on the TV, accessing the internet or leaving the confines of your convent. 
    The real world is alot more shocking than a vegetable arranged to look like an explosion. Sorry.

  • 8fps

    Cauliflower disaster. Someday someone will recreate them with real explosives.

  • Kathleen Grace

    This is just horrid

  • Slobit75


  • Eric

    This is the challenger image he must’ve referenced

  • Thefinalsound

    What makes this tasteless is its “Aren’t I clever, wink wink” seemingly arbitrary use of cauliflower to recreate terrible tragedies. What kind of useful cultural or social critique is being made with the images? None that I can discern. The project seems to have been reverse engineered from the clever discovery that a specific vegetable could with some creativity be made to look like smoke, explosions etc. The next step was to think “hmm what are some famous explosions that people could recognize? Ohh well how about the Challenger accident, or why not do a 9/11 themed shot?” The project says nothing useful about these tragic events, and only seems to select them for their convenience. Is it clever and artistic? Yes it sure is, but it is rather tasteless and insensitive about situations where real people died, with no one benefiting other than the artist getting a little more well known.

  • Dave

     Tasteless is the perfect description. This is that awkward moment when you realize you don’t understand tastefulness.

  • mythbuster

    really original and imaginative

  • Harald Bendschneider

    Shocking bullshit.

  • Cooljackh77

    I find it disrespectful, but so is most of the stuff on the internet these days. They might as well just recreate the Sept. 11th disaster also.

  • Eric2020

    To me it just shows the connection of mathematics in creation. The physicality of a fast and violent explosion and the visual similarity of an organic plant that takes it’s shape slowly over time. I applaud the artist.

  • Tzctplus -

     Your reply makes it clear that the project is useful.

    But I doubt you, and all the others whining about “great tragedies” would get why.

  • mythbuster

     Agree. Fractals´geometry in action

  • Tasty Tastlessness

    I think it’s humorous that a picture of Cauliflower is being referred to as “Tasteless”…..Maybe the artist was trying to illuminate some fraudian connection to people who just don’t like their veggies. 

  • chiobio

    When will we stop being sorry for everything (as we really felt like it, anyway) and start enjoying creativity? 

    The artist is a pure genius. Not only did he arrange the cauliflowers in a way they resembled those explosions (aside from the time it took to find the exact pieces), he also gave the photos a good treatment to make them look more like explosions. 
    Yes, the explosions they resemble were tragic, but so is thinking these photos don’t deserve positive feedback just because they involve dead innocent people.  

  • Ripley

    They did that on Regretsy already.