Pentax Optio VS20 Mimics Pro DSLRs with Vertical Shutter Release

Pentax released a new compact camera today called the Optio VS20, which offers a feature we haven’t seen before on a point-and-shoot: a second shutter release, zoom lever, and tripod mount for shooting vertically. The 16-megapixel camera is also smart about the orientation, as it packs an accelerometer that helps it intelligently display images the correct way. Other features include a 3-inch LCD screen and 720p video recording. It’ll start shipping next month for $250.

  • Anthony Burokas

    I think that’s a damm spiffy addition. Now, drop the sensor to 10 MP and make it suck up gobs of light and we’ll be in business. :)

  • Brian L.

    A ton of cameras rotate the image if you tilt it. My PowerShot G9 does that.