Will It Blend? Clever Advertisement for the Polaroid Z340

Polaroid and Chase Jarvis teamed up to create this “Will It Blend“-style advertisement for the the Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera. It’s a clever idea, but poor cameras!

  • Steve

    Nice that you used Impossible film. I’ll keep buying it and I’ll keep my actual polaroid camera.

  • Bob
  • Terry Wilson

    Would have been a good advert if the main selling point of a polaroid was it’s indestructibility. But it isn’t, so it’s just a lame rip-off that convinces no one of anything. Lousy copy at the end.

  • Flgraphics

    I’m a bit surprised Chase would agree to do this type of endorsement.

  • Anonymous

    Lady Gaga convinced him to come on board in ways that only the ingenious Creative Director of the failed Polaroid company can: with wine and luxurious bear-skin rugs next to a fire place.

    Seriously though, why hop on this trainwreck? The guy makes enough through his own name, there really can’t be a need large enough in his life to require a Polaroid payoff to place his name on one of the most lackluster ideas in the market…

  • Model Republic Canada

    Somehow it seems like cheating to me.

  • Richard Ford

    Except he then went and mis pronounced Zed at the end!  :-S