How to Fold an Origami Pinhole Camera Out of Photographic Paper

Here’s a neat idea for photographic experimentation: create a pinhole camera out of photographic paper by folding it into an origami box with the light-sensitive side on the inside. The hole that is used to blow the box into its shape is also used to expose the inside to the outside world. After exposing it, simply unfold it and process it using standard developer and fix.

(via DIYP)

  • running with scissors

    now THOSE are some proper scissors!

  • Osmosisstudios

    There’s no result.  Yes, I went to the other website.  It just looks like someone exposed a piece of paper.  There’s nothing discernable. From source: “Blurry and interesting”.  No. 

  • kendon

    exactly that. for now it’s a folded piece of photo paper. get a picture out of there and we can call it a camera…