DSLRs Banned from UK Tube Station

Photographer Tim Allen spotted this sign outside the Aldwych tube station, an abandoned London Underground station that recently opened up for tours. While photography bans are pretty common, the station has decided to only ban DSLRs due to “their combination of high quality sensor and high resolution”. Other cameras are allowed in, as long as they don’t look “big” enough to shoot amazing photos.

(via Amateur Photographer via Megapixel)

Update: Apparently the ban was because DSLR users take longer to shoot photos, and they didn’t want the tours to be delayed. That makes sense. Wait…

Image credit: Photograph by Tim Allen and used with permission

  • Nathaniel

    Micro four thirds it is.

  • guest

    So film is allowed?

  • Nathaniel

    Micro four thirds it is.

  • John Reinert Nash

    Sony Alphas are only allowed half of the time…..

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Or a Fuji X10

  • michaeljhunter

    I’ll be taking the Leica M9 then …

  • Justin Wilhelm

    Well, looks like I’ll have to bring out the 4×5. 

  • Red Raven Images

    oooooooooooookay………… so a silly ban to begin with, but why is this particular location so sensitive that it needs a ban at all? No matter, my NEX 3 will serve me well. PLUS it’s red. Surely that marks me as “only a tourist.”

  • John Frye

    Am I missing something here? What are the photos taken with DSLRs going to reveal that they don’t want us to see? And if they don’t want anyone to see whatever it is, why let them in in the first place?

  • Guest

    Well, my Rolleiflex it is, then.

  • Glyn Smith

    Mamiya 645 with Ilford BW film.  Sounds like fun!

  • SmartyPants

    Poms are morons. That’s all you need to know.

  • John H

    Time to bring my Sony-NEX 7 with 24Mp on in as well. 

  • Saria_98

    What is film?

  • Anonymous

    I believe the thinking is that high quality photos will help terrorists plan their attacks by giving them a detailed record of what is in the station.  Which is nonsense, but that won’t stop them from trying to be stupid about it.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, this station is only used for films and such (according to the Wikipedia linked above). I don’t know what issue it could possibly be since it’s certainly not security.

  • Ragged Rascal

    Aside from the pointlessness of the rule, this is an abhorrent use of English

  • Anonymous

    Only a stupid terrorist would attack an abandoned train station.

  • Tyson Williams

    Good I have my new Fujifilm X10

  • Janez

    hasselblad 503cw with a borrowed digital back and two film backs for spare. Which back to borrow, the leaf 80mp? I think this will get me enough detail :D

  • Anonymous

    Aldgate isn’t an active station, it’s a film set. There is no terrorist danger.

    Someone has a copyright problem with folk taking stock-grade photos.

  • Richard Ford

    Nice american style (over)use of hyphens when complete not-warranted or grammatically need-ed.

    I guess they think that good photos means people will stop taking tours?  Makes sense.  I’ve seen movies shot in venice – I don’t need to go there myself.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Nobody said Speed graflexes were illegal :}

    A photoclub oughta go on a tour there with a bunch of big film cameras and rangefinders…

  • Electron

    This is a case of that old saying “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”. The people who put the notice up obviously don’t have a clue about photography in general, but they think they do.

  • lloyd

    While i don’t own an iphone 4s, the photos that can take are up there with DSLR cameras! well done LDN

  • Anonymous

    If they tried that here in the States the first thing that would happen is that an army of photogs with DSLRs would show up.

  • Bella

    It’s likely copyright. They don’t want people using high-resolution photos and making them into prints, postcards, posting them online…

  • John Milleker

    Yeah, my little old Rollei and it’s 6×6 film poses no threat to your interiors or security. Good thinking.

  • Abel Flores

    That is exactly what it is. They probably want you to pay a fee to shoot with a dslr

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I love how most of the posts of this have held the “how can I get around the rules” mentality.

  • Matt Gibson

    Yes; I’d think we should be *encouraging* terrorists to attack abandoned underground train stations that have been known for withstanding bombs in the past.

    It’s a shame it’s unlikely to work, what with terrorists also being able to buy non-DSLR cameras…

  • Sam Whited

    As many others have said, luckily I have a non digital SLR. Convenient for when I feel like stealing government secrets from an abandoned railway tunnel, or, more practically, for when I feel like shooting something worth selling.

  • Sam Whited

    No they’re not (though I do agree, that lens is pretty nice).

  • MikeW

    Don’t they (i.e., whoever posted this ridiculous sign) have something better to worry about?  

  • Rushy

    This calls for a Old / Compact / Disposable camera Flash Mob!
    A hundred people all turn up at the same time, take pictures of everything until they run out of film and then vanish!
    (I’m joking of course)

  • Thinks2Much

    I wonder when crowd sourced images from lower resolution and those from camera phones will be able to be assembled similar to the Gigapixel images? 

  • Travis

    So my Fuji X100 with it’s compact size body and DSLR sized sensor is ok?  At this point I agree with the Top Gear host, but only if directed to the mouth breathers who are making up laws like these….

  • Stuart Jones

    It’s a museum – they want people to be buying the high-quality prints in the gift shop rather than taking their own for free.

  • Stuart Jones

    Your title is a bit misleading – it isn’t really a tube station, but a museum. Reading a lot of the comments here, it would appear that people aren’t reading the body of your post before reacting to the outrage of a tube station banning photography.

  • The moron

    Iphone !

  • Writerwriter1

    This ban is actually illegal and cannot be enforced. Tubes are public places and there is no legal or any other kind of reason to ban cameras of any type.

    This will be challenged and it will not stand.

  • Asdf

    what a retards!

  • Writerwriter1

    Tubes and museums.

    Also, there’s a fierce grammatical error on the sign so obviously, whoever posted it is too dumb for words.

  • Justin Javellana

    Looks like my Canon EOS 3 will have to do.

  • Jennifer White

    If it was just that they didn’t want people taking images they could sell, they could just prohibit photography like so many museums do. I do believe that’s the motivation, but still. Besides, my phone takes photos that are as high resolution as my first DSLR. DUH.

  • Paul

    Hmm, I’m thinking my Yashica-A and a few rolls of Tri-X, HP5+ or Portra 400 if I want color. Push any of them to ISO 1600 or 3200 if necessary and get nice 27MP scans with my crappy old $100 scanner. Silly buggers probably won’t realize it’s a camera at all. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Banned 2/3 of the time.

  • Chrispy

    What a crock of shite.  It’s only a matter of time before some dumb ruling like that ends up in Australia.  God forbid it.  There is already a whole lot of stupid rules for  Cottelsloe beach…..No cigarette buttsNo public speaking, meetings or entertainment for more than 10 people (Unless they give you permission)No fundraisingNo filming or photography for commercial use (Unless they give you permission)No leaving on tapsNo glass bottles or containers (sun glasses are ok though)No alcoholNo diving from the groyneNo diving from the PylonNo sun shelters, umbrellas or likewise bigger than 3sqmNo flying kites (but you can drag it along the ground)No toy vehicles (This would include toy prams, Tonka trucks etc)No obstruction of steps or pathways (Which includes sitting, standing or loitering)No digging big holes
    I mean this is the fun police gone stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t George W. Bush first highlight the problem of tourist attacks?

  • matt

    I’ve been just thinking about making a review of fujifilm x100.
    Seems like great location :) Also need to check the new Nikon’s SB-910 flash…
    Maybe will do 2 in 1? :D