Turn a Pringles Can into a DIY Snoot

If you have a potato chip tube lying around, you can convert the tube into a super simple DIY snoot. All you need to do is cut an opening in the closed end that’s the size of your flash head (tip: use some duct tape to prevent it from scratching your flash).

To take it one step further, you can also fill the front end of the tube with straws to focus the light even more:

Here’s an example photo showing the snoot in action:

Image credit: pringles_snoot_1.jpg and pringles_snoot_4.jpg by Nikonized, Extreme Pringles Snooting Setup 2 by, and 1001 uses for a pringles can #365 by Arnett Gill

  • ajw93

    Oh yeah. Just what I need…an excuse to buy Pringles.  Thanks.

  • 8fps

    Makes sense – I love fine equipment.

  • Rick Bennett

    Ah the grocery store–home of cheap photographic accessories. Now if only they sold gaffers tape to wrap that can. Then only the crumbs on your chest would give it away.

  • lloyd

    shame this is for a nikon flash, is there a tutorial to do this for a canon flash?

  • Jeff


  • Seshan

    Nope, sorry, This is impossible to do with a Canon flash.

  • Poziomka

    You need different flavour for Canon.

  • 9inchnail

    Nope, Nikon and Pringles have an exclusive collaboration deal. Do this with a canon flash and you’re in for a world of pain in a courtroom.

  • Flgraphics

    it doesn’t say anything about eating the chips first. What happens if you leave the chips in the can?

  • Konrad

    Giving a bit of credit to the original creator of this idea would be nice :) – published a day before this article 

  • Adam

    Shame on PP ! Do not take content without credit to creator. 

  • Anonymous

    Did you even check the links on the image credits?

    1001 uses for a pringles can #365

    Made a snoot out of a pringles can… I like it!

    Comments and faves

    Dave Hanvey Photography

    (26 months ago)

    this one should have become Krayos.

    Arnett Gill

    (26 months ago)

    haha! I was practicing the lighting for it! I
    think I got it! next weekend! yeah!!!!!

  • Guest

    No pictures up to show the effect?? Or did i miss that somehow?