The Most Eye-Catching DSLR Ever

We never thought we’d say it, but someone finally found a DSLR that makes Pentax’s limited edition models look bland. Erle Kaasik was walking on a sidewalk in Seattle when she walked past a woman using this eye-popping Canon DSLR and 28-135mm lens that a local artist had decorated. It looks like someone mistook the camera for a cupcake or something.

The coolest looking camera ever [deviantART]

Update: The artist is Wonderpuss Octopus Ink

Thanks for sending in the tip, Vibin!

  • Matty

    Im sure the facial expressions of people when they see that thing are priceless. I wonder if that’s why she decorated it like that. 

  • stamatis

    OMG!! This is the best camera disguise! Even looking at the picture while knowing what it is  I find it difficult to make out the camera from all the visual clutter. It sure is eye catching, but you can not tell what your eye really caught LOL

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    I think I’m about to have a seizure/stroke/cerebral hemorrhage

  • Derpthur

    Hideous. Another pathetic attention-whore “LOOK AT ME!!!” tool.

  • Chino_cecchin

    it looks like candy ..i want to eat it.

  • Nate Davis

    Love it. Why advertise for a camera company when you can advertise that you’re creative and unique?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a clown threw up on it…

  • Michael

    Wow, I’m pretty impressed. These can turn out really ugly but this is solid work, nice details too.

  • Rick Bennett

    Its probably perfect for baby and camera-aware street photography.

  • rj

    goodluck trying to be a ghost while holding that  thing

  • Guest

    At least if it ever gets stolen, it won’t go by unnoticed.
    “Did you see anyone go by here with something covered in clown puke?”

  • Ram

    Derpady derp derp derp!

  • Ondra Kucera

    eyecandy… literally

  • Travis

    Somebody ate too many skittles and birthday cake and threw up all over their gear.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody might beat it like a piñata.

  • Roy S.P.Gunawan

    try using that when shooting discreetly is needed

  • Kevin Wu

    My eyes actually HURT when I saw this picture. 

  • Pau

    that’s quite a crap paint job for such an expensive item.

  • Tainahpaulain

    does she use it with kids?

  • Michael Thompson

    Wonder what the resale value is?

  • Mollie

    The stuff that’s on there actually looks a lot like play foam…sticks to just about anything but it’s easily removable as well. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. 

  • Carly Erin O’Neil


    Now I don’t think it’s really ‘pretty’, perhaps even hideous…but to go down that attention-whore path is just uncalled for. . .