Leaked Photos of Fujifilm’s Upcoming Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm is set to release an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera — likely styled like the X100 and X10 — in February 2012, and details about the camera are already starting to leak onto the Internet. Six photos that appear to show the upcoming camera were leaked on Chinese forum Xitek, but were quickly taken down. PhotoRumors writes that the new camera will be called the Fuji LX and will pack an APS-C sensor.

The images show that the camera will have a proprietary mount (many people were hoping it would be compatible with Leica lenses):

The camera will reportedly be announced with three lenses: an 18mm f/2 pancake lens, a 35mm f/1.4 lens, and a zoom lens.

(via Xitek via PhotoRumors)

  • Shark

    this will be awesome! i cant wait.

  • cerevis

    I WAAAAANT ONE! NOW!! I knew this was coming, the X100 was just a test bed for consumer response. This camera + 28mm f1.4 + street scenes = bliss :D

  • Joe S.

    Kinda mad I got the X100 – I could have gotten by with my D7k until this came out…. Oh well 

  • Goofballjones

    Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes they made with the X100…namely the issues with focusing and unusable manual focusing.

  • Ali Zaidi

    Dreams DO come true!! :D wwoohhoo!!!!

    All that waiting, lusting, heartbreak, heartburn, sleepless nights….. all coming to an end!! :D

  • Erik

    Please, please, please let it have rangfinder style manual focus!

  • Ranger 9

    Nope. You can see from the photos that there’s no secondary window for a rangefinder. No X100-style hybrid viewfinder, either; the electronic (rather than mechanical) ‘View Mode’ switch visible on the back proves that. It’s going to have a conventional zoom viewfinder, like the X10, Canon G12, etc.

    That also means it’s going to have the X10’s Achilles’ heel: When you’re using the optical viewfinder, you’ll have NO way of telling whether or not the camera focused on the point you intended! The back view shows two smaller holes next to the eyepiece hole; I’m betting these are for focus-confirmation and flash-ready LCDs, as used to be found on point-and-shoot cameras… but these still won’t tell you WHAT is in focus; you’ll have to use the LCD if you want to know that.

    Still, an interesting try, and I like the lenses they chose to open with. I’ll bet this makes a lot of people waiting for their flood-delayed Sony NEX-7s decide to wait a little longer…

  • Erik

    I thought those two holes looked like those sensors Sony and Canon use on some DSLR to automatically turn off the back display when you put the eye to the viewfinder (same that turns on the evf in Sony’s STLs).

    Couldn’t a rangefinder get info for it’s focusing patch via ttl? A hybrid viewfinder where the patch is a digital picture in the viewfinder. That’s what I was meant when I called it “rangefinder style” and not a rangefinder.

  • adje

    That’s not the way I interpret the pictures. The X100 has a View Mode button as well that just sets how the optical view finder activates etc.  Also if you look closely on the front there is a black lever which is probably similar to the X100 lever that switches between the EVF and OVF (although it seems to be on upside down relative to the x100).  I’d be pretty surprise if they don’t use the EVF/OVF technology in this camera which will probably cost more than the X100.

    Should be an awesome camera if they can fix all the bugs. I hope they don’t forget about us X100 owners and continue to update firmware

  • Erik

    Oh, and on the fourth picture from the top you can actually see the mechanical switch on the front, but the lever is pointing downwards instead of upwards. It is removed on the top picture showing a front view (far from a complete camera). I’m still hoping! ;) If this camera doesn’t have at least the “rangefinder feel” with superimposed framelines and a focus confirmation like the x100 I just don’t get what Fujifilm is up to and the camera will be a dud in my book.

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    The lenses need to have a real MF ring otherwise its a failure… I could not stand the x100’s electronic focus ring. 

  • David

    Zoom lenses don’t work well with real frame lines, that is why Leica’s “zooms” are just three different focal lengths.

  • Jonrobertp

    what zoom is likely ??

  • Divadoof

    Now that was brilliant. Tell us all something more obvious, David.

  • David

    Im david and i like to tell you….the obvious.