Never Lose a Lens Swapping Duel Again with the Lowepro Lens Exchange Case

Dan Bailey over at The Photoletariat captured this brief video of Lowepro showing off its new Lens Exchange 200AW case at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. The case is designed to help you swap lenses with one hand — instead of setting one lens down before taking out the new one, it expands to reveal a second compartment. Stick the old lens in, pull the new lens out, and then collapse the case back into its compact form.

  • Matt C. Reynolds

    sensor dust mania

  • Nigel

    Why do you think that? I have changed my lenses in the field for almost 9 years now with my DSLR’s. Sensor dust hasn’t been an issue thus far. 

    Are you suggesting this case somehow will compound the problem?

  • John Vito

    Great Idea…

  • Bill

    Looks efficient in the field, especially when doing weddings would come in handy! I thin the sensor dust crap is just something they’ve added on in spec to make it look like its worth the money you’d pay.

  • Photobrian

    Actually, that’s awesome. if you are going to do a belt/bag system this almost cuts what you have to carry in half. I would totaly buy that.

  • Jan

    That’s about the worst way to change a lens. The right way obviously is take a lens in your left hand, take the lens off the camera with your right hand and immediately put the new lens on, thus minimizing the exposure to dust.
    So this product is just about useless, it just makes a lens case which already is too big to carry on a belt even bigger.

  • Nigel

    Dust, dust, dust!

    LOL! Do you ever take actual photos? 

    What in the hell is going through the minds of people such as yourself? A camera is just a tool, a little dust hasn’t hindered my photography in anyway, shape or form, in the 32 years I have done it professionally. I am guessing that your camera is more of a social status type of display piece more than anything…

    Get a grip on yourself.

  • 8fps

    1 cam 1 lens.

  • Brandon

    so i should hold my 300mm 2.8 in my left hand, then grab the 70-200 that’s on my camera with my right, then…. i want to see you do it.  the bag looks good to me, esp for people who use lenses with petal style hoods that don’t allow them to stand very well. 

  • Terrance Lam

    god forbid the days when we shot in film. I don’t know how many hours I spent with photolith painting out dust….. I agree with Nigel, what little dust this would introduce into the camera is hardly worrying over with. In the field, I hate balancing a lens precariously in my hands as I change them from a bag. Most people I know resort to two camera bodies, but thats killer on the shoulders (three is even worse).

  • Skinner Photographs

    So Matt, I assume you are changing all your lenses in a vacuum sealed room? Dust happens.

  • Mike

    Looks like it would work great for those in a fast paced situation like weddings, sports and photo journalists.  Dust could be an issue since you wouldn’t be using lens caps to make this system work but that’s not a big deal to some.  I would be more concerned with the top of the bag rubbing on the rear element of my lens.  The front element should be fine if you have a lens hood on, but the rear element is often times fairly flush with the lens mount.

  • kendon

    this is a genious idea.

    nobody stops you from using lenscaps… just gotta make the compromise between speed/comfort and protection for the gear. this bag gives me both, and i (as a non-pro) wouldn’t mind the additional second to put on the rear cap.

    dust happens, buy a compact if you’re that worried. otherwise use your camera as intended, and (let someone) clean the sensor as intended when necessary. it’s a tool, not some gemstone to show behind glass.

  • Anke

    I have one, it’s garbage. It doesn’t fit any lens with a lens hood.

  • Jan

    I wonder if YOU ever take actual photos. With a DSLR, and more than one lens. Otherwise you would know dust is a real issue. I always have some dust in my photos when I shoot at f8 or smaller, no matter how much I use a blower to clean the sensor beforehand.

    So please, keep your smartass comments to yourself if you don’t know what you’re talking about. And have the courtesy to not post anonymously, “Nigel”.

  • Jan

    Good luck fitting a 300/2.8 in that bag :) (even if you would want to carry that on your belt)

  • kdv

    what model point and shoot do you have ? can you recommend me something ?

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Jan, with all due respect, Nigel is absolutely right. I’ve been a concert photographer for 5 years, I swap out lenses inside 80,000 seater arenas, in the pit of a festival when its pissing down with rain and your up to your ankles in mud. NEVER has dust been a problem for me in that time while swapping lenses.