Want to Take Better Action Shots? Try Slowing Down Time

So this is how some photographers always manage to capture awesome action shots… Now if only Neo or Max Payne would lead a photography workshop on how to activate “bullet time”.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Mijonju

    I think you can buy this device, its called a time stopper, its something like a watch created by NASA, the person who is wearing the device will not be slowed down, they are planning to launch a fast forward and play rewind version of the device, do you can move in a certain span of time, of cause, the further you want to go back the more you have to pay. same as moving forward

  • Jan

    I think you can actually get this on the iphone 4s, it’s not a free app but hey it beats that siri stuff by far.

  • Stephan Zielinski

    I hear the Lyrto can do this.  Because of the megarays.

  • leno brookins

    I am subbed to you on youtube 

  • gabe sturdevant

    I thought time machine was built into mac? 

  • Daniel Yu Suzuki

    Oh now I get it. He’s holding a 1D X.

  • Franzemo

    no effing sense