Upcoming Hipstamatic App to Deliver a “Disposable Camera” Experience

iPhone photography app Hipstamatic was the king of retro filters before Instagram came along and stole its crown. Now, the developers are hoping to capitalize on the retro photo app craze with a new idea: delivering a disposable camera experience on an iPhone. Pocket-lint reports,

Hipstamatic D-Series is set to bring back the film feel to your digital photography by preventing you from actually looking at your pictures the second after you’ve snapped them. Working like an old disposable camera, you have to finish all 24 shots before it’ll let you go back and review how they all came out. Sounds crazy to begin with but try not to think about coming almost full circle and it might just be crazy enough to work.

“It’s an opportunity to bring back the idea that you have this roll of film and you shoot with it, and you think about what you’re seeing in the moment, more so than snapping a photo and looking at it, deleting it or taking another one,” said Lucas Buick [founder of Hipstamatic]. […] “It really is a completely different way to experience photography that a lot of people have forgotten about, but it wasn’t so long ago that people don’t remember it, and that’s the key.”

So basically, it’s an app that restricts its users — like an app that only lets people shoot in black and white. While it may sound like a lame idea to the general population, the market for this type of thing (e.g. hipsters) might just be big enough for it to attract a following. They do have one thing going for them though: the app will be free once its released later this month.

(via Pocket-Lint via VentureBeat)

Image credit: Hipstamatic Projekt IV. Chunky + Cano Cafenol by Zé.Valdi

  • Ross Sclafani

    This is brilliant. App and camera producers should focus on the photography experience, not just the end product.

  • David Kozlowski

    I use, and sell Hipstamatic photos ALOT.  This will probably be the first app that I -don’t- purchase…doesn’t excite me…might change my mind after seeing it in action though.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    It’s so brilliant that DSLR manufacturers totally missed out when they forgot to include the option to disable image review!  Oh wait, they didn’t.  You can already shoot photos and not have to look at them.

    In fact, people who own the Canon T3i, like me, can turn the LCD around so you can’t even see it and get the “what you’re seeing in the moment” feeling of shooting with a film SLR, like I do.

  • Rick Bennett

    I related news, Apple announced a new firmware upgrade for the iPod. The upgrade will rename the device iTape, and will require users to fast forward or rewind through songs in an album or playlist, rather than skipping tracks. In addition, iTape will include filters so that the music will have that retro, muffled, warbly sound of a well loved cassette tape.
    “We feel like music lovers are missing that ffwd/rwnd experience from the 80s. iTape really is a completely different way to experience music that a lot of people have forgotten about” quoth a company spokesman.

    Future firmware updates, i8Track and iVinyl will reportedly add additional filters and user interfaces.

  • Thomas Bisset

    Thing is, you won’t have to purchase it – it’s free! :P

  • Graham Case

    I love that anticipation of not knowing how your film photos will turn out.

    But this is dumb. Anachronism at its worst.

  • Anonymous

    Are they also going to charge users 6.99 to develop each roll? I think they should, people would so go for that. 

  • Anonymous

    Then it’s really a game, because film cameras had a legitimate technological limitation for not having a preview.  Now it’s just taking that game of pretending that it’s a film camera up another notch.  Another way you can not know what photos you took is to cover the screen.  The next notch is to not let you see the photo until an hour or a day after you press a “develop” button, while you wait for the film shop to develop and print your photos.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in favor of ANYTHING that slows the spew of hipstamatic drivel into the world.

  • Anonymous

    I found this page bookmarked and really liked what I read. I will surely bookmark it too and also read your other articles tomorrow.

  • Xavier Luna

    what do you mean by you “sell” Hipstamatic photos a lot?

  • npyskater

    People make money off their Hipstamatic prints. I’ve seen them go on eBay & Etsy for high prices.

  • npyskater

    This needs to hurry up & come out! So freaking excited.

  • Selena Scola

     I love the social sharing aspect of Hipstamatic, could be really fun at a party, wedding, night out in Vegas… but I feel if I’m
    going to pay for a roll of film I should get more out of it then just the ability to share. Gigaom just released an article on a new disposable camera app called
    Dotti. I have the option to have the photos printed and
    shipped out (sends real printed in the mail) to who ever I want.





  • my glass eye

    Now the app is out, it’s actually pretty great fun. I even don’t mind their revised pricing structure for limited-use cameras. Wrote a review of it here, if anyone’s interested:

    (PS I also wrote the post about Instagram 2.0 a few months ago, if anyone remembers that debacle!)