Use a Film Canister as a Flash Diffuser

Here’s a quick and easy photo hack: cut a slice out of a white film canister to soften the light from your DSLR’s built-in flash.

DIY Project: Film Canister as Flash Diffuser [Lomography]

  • Daniel Hawkins

    along the same lines – you can cut out the handle from a 1 gallon milk jug, slice it open and it wraps around the flash.

  • Angie Torres

    A little ghetto-looking, but very practical! I’d be totally willing try it out. Thanks for the tip!

  • Mike

    what’s a ‘film’ canister? :

  • dzad

    this worked great especially for items further away.

  • Taosjedi

    I did this then i sent away for the little swatches of light Gels from the Light Gel companies. They sent me a little swatch book with about 200 rectangle swatches that fit perfect in here so you get these cool colored flashes!