The Nice Clip: A Universal Lens Cap Clip That Doubles as a Cord Catcher

Nice Photography Magazine editor Zeke Kamm has come up with a new product called “The Nice Clip” that acts as both a universal clip for lens caps, and also a cord catcher to keep your desk organized. The clip uses a strong 3M VHB adhesive to stick to your lens cap, which can then be clipped to your camera strap, belt, bag, etc… Attach the clip to the side of your desk, and it can help you keep your cables from falling to the floor when they’re not plugged in.

Here’s Kamm introducing the new product:

So… if you’re sick of getting hit by cars while fumbling for your caps, you can preorder a Nice Clip over at Kickstarter for $9.

(via Nice Photography Mag via DIYPhotography)

  • Anonymous

    I swear….I’ve never wanted to kill a guy more than this guy! OK…maybe ‘kill’ is a bit much…but at the very least I least wanna take a nail gun and hammer my lens cap into his Goddamned forehead!!! Lens cap frustration? Cord slippage?!! Gimme a mutherfukkin’ break!!!!!!! And screw kickstarter for letting this douchebag shout out to unsuspecting idiots with too much money in their back pocket to try to fund this totally effed up waste of time!!!

  • Alan Dove

    This is a joke, right? I mean, how does it improve on buying a 50-cent belt clip and smearing a little Gorilla Glue on it to attach it to your lens cap? And the cord holding “function” is just silly.

  • Dr Who

    There is no such thing as a 50-cent belt clip unless we all got in a time machine and it’s suddenly 1982 again. In which case gorilla glue hasn’t been invented. And the current available belt clips are way, way too big for most lens caps.

  • Alan Dove

    Okay, $2.50 at Tandy Leather, for one that would fit most of my lens caps just fine. Or buy a $5 piece of sheet metal and bend several dozen of them yourself in whatever sizes you want.

  • Don

    I think it’s a kick ass idea. Buying something that’s made in the US is going to cost a little more but to it’s worth it.  I support that.