Apple’s New iPhone 4S Features an 8MP Camera and Sharper f/2.4 Lens

Apple has just announced its new iPhone 4S, and the new camera found on the phone is pretty impressive. It packs an 8MP (3264×2448) CMOS sensor that’s backside-illuminated, allowing it to gather 73% more light and capture images 33% faster. The lens is now an f/2.4 lens that contains 5 separate elements, which provide 30% more sharpness. Snapping a first shot now takes 1.1 seconds, and subsequent shots require only an addition .5 seconds each.

In terms of video, the iPhone 4S records 1080p HD video with image stabilization and noise reduction. The company is saying that the phone will be the best still and video camera many customers have ever owned.

(via Engadget)

  • rj

    so does this mean iphone 5 does not come out in october…..

  • Michael Zhang

    No idea — I actually haven’t been following the iPhone news/rumors very closely… I did read somewhere that Apple might be releasing 2 phones though, so I guess they still could have a 5 up their sleeve

  • Relax

    Is that all what this is about: an 8mp camera with better lens? Confused…….

  • Eddy van Rijckevorsel

    The Nokia N8, which has been around for a while now, still has a better camera: 12MP, autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash.

  • person287

    To be honest I’m a massive fan, but the 4S really doesn’t make me feel like I want to upgrade. The Siri could probably be got from cydia via a tweak soon enough, I can’t really see where the A5 will be used as my iPhone 4 is fast enough now, and there’s nothing else major. The camera looks nicer, but not £600 nicer. Oh well, I just gotta hope the iPhone ‘5’ gets 4G/LTE (And the UK Networks get LTE/4G!)

  • Gast

    welterusten Eddy

  • Anonymous


  • rj

    i wish they would mention some upgraded hardware specs suchs as processor ect, better camera? is that it?

  • Anonymous

    Makes me feel a bit better about just getting an iPhone 4 – but I’m sure there will
    Be moren changes than just sensor and lens. What about all this cloud stuff?

  • Sebastián Soto

    Guys, if you want to know more, you should check the source link.

  • unsilent majority

    Oh I get it now . . the 4s.000001 version 2. oh I see . . it’s NOT the iPhone 5, you say?

    It’s ok . . a lot of the people that once just wanted a phone and then got brainwashed into this, won’t care.

    I can’t wait for the iphone 5 to come out !!!

    wow . . . more changes in the future, too!

  • Ganie

    So what’s next? An apple speedlite flash for iphone?

  • Graysmith

    Apple’s iPhone 4S site has a gallery of images taken with it:

    Click on an image and you’ll be able to download the full hi-res version of it. I had a look at some of them in Photoshop, and they look good considering they come from a camera phone with a small sensor and lens. They won’t challenge any DSLRs any time soon, but not bad.

  • kruiii

    “With 8 megapixels and all-new optics, this just might be the best camera
    ever on a mobile phone. It just might be the only camera you’ll ever
    need. And if you think that’s amazing, wait until you see your photos.”
    Wow. just wow. Didn’t Nokia had 8MP camera like 2 years ago?

  • Michel Jones

    where is the iphone 7?

  • Michel Jones

    where is the iphone 7?

  • Anonymous

    iphone 5: june 2012

  • Anonymous

    u can also talk against it…lol

  • Anonymous

    12 MP is not always better than a 8MP Know the facts

  • Anonymous

    But glass (Zeiss over whatever Chinese crap they threw in the iPhone 4s) plays a huge part and in a camera phone, MP’s do rule. Get your facts straight.

    Given, the backlit sensor on the 4s is going to be great for low-light, but everything described on this new phone doesn’t make it ground breaking. Apple is just getting better every day at repackaging other people’s innovations into really expensive pieces of shit.

  • Anonymous

    other people innovations? lol like what? Siri?

  • Anonymous

    Ferrari is also really expensive with 4 wheels en 1 motor. So what? If u cant buy it dont buy it and be happy with your plastic Samsung android.

  • Instagrafie

    The new iPhone features will be a great thing for iphoneography, instagraphy and other photo sharing communities. I’m looking forward for the iPhone 4S to switch off my 3GS and hope it will be soon available in austria!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t have the Samsung, got an HTC, but at least it doesn’t lump me in with self righteous assholes like an iPhone would apparently.

    Best part about all this? You and me arguing over a piece of crap P&S phone when I’d rather be out with my Mamiya RB67.

    Luckily I’m just burning time at work agitating internet dweebs.

  • Dnguyen

    Man… will many of you stop circle jerking over hardware specs? Apple I think did enough on the hardware end. It’s the software that’s more important. What’s the use if you can’t program to harness the full potential of a phone?

  • amaan

    Huh. That’s kinda ironic. That “Chinese crap” you referred to turned out to be from Sony