Nikon Pro DSLR Patent Shows New Dust Reduction Feature

A Nikon patent published today details a new dust reduction feature that might make its way into future Nikon DSLRs. The basic idea is the introduction of a hole at the bottom of the camera’s mirrorbox that is designed to catch dust when the mirror swings up. Nikon claims that the feature reduces dust found on the sensor by 50% after 10,000 actuations.

(via Photography Bay)

  • Philip Davis

    …and the other 50% of the time the photographer is shooting vertically?  ;)

  • Anonymous

    At least we have more dust reduction in our mythical Nikons now. The clencher? They release it as an upgrade for current DSLRs and still make us wait longer for the new D4s and D800s…

  • Matty

    So what happens when you tip the camera upside-down? 

  • nerwin

    Looks like a possible D4 is coming out soon!

  • Calgary Advertising Agent

    Looks like a D2X to me.

  • Anonymous

    Patent for a hole?

  • Steve

    I do time lapses with my Canon 550D.  Must of taken over 50,000 photos and have never seen any dust specks.  I’m always changing lenses and my older cameras used to get lots of specks.

    It looks like Canon have eliminated this problem with the crop sensor, unfortunately, the 5DMKII isn’t as good.

  • Seoras

    Never had to deal with dust for years but then I use an Olympus E3 & E5, not to mention my EP1-l:-)