JPEG and RAW Samples Published for the Nikon J1

The relatively small 1-inch CX-format sensor found in Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras caused quite a bit of discontent among serious shooters even before the cameras were announced, but now that it’s official we finally have the opportunity to see its image quality in real-world environments. dpreview has published a gallery of 23 JPGs shot with the Nikon J1, along with 5 RAW files shot between ISO 100 and ISO 3200. Take a look, and judge for yourself.

Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery [dpreview]

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I do not get this camera – I have to ask myself “why”. I am a long long long time Nikon user and I would never consider buying into this system – I just do NOT get it. Why the format and the form factor. It really is not any better than micro43 in any reasonable way – size? not really. Lens availability? You have to be kidding me. If Nikon really wanted to get into this game why not sign up for M43 at about the same form factor and really get that market going with another lens provider, another body provider and the seemingly more useful 2x crop factor? Maybe do something exciting like a hybrid sony type a77 only in Nikon dress and M43. 

    Color me not excited at all in any way. Ho hum, also ran, yet another completely different EVIL camera with not much to get excited about. This seems more like something microsloth would do just to have the same product, maybe a little inferior but completely different with no redeeming values.


    Ps. They don’t even really look good either.

  • Dannynoonan82

    those are excellent snapshots!

  • Rick Bennett

    The high ISO performance is impressive. Shots at 6400 are highly respectable.

  • Simone Gobbo

    Sorry but I’m very disappointed with this system… I found this link with more examples, and honestly my P&S can do better…

  • Dave Vaughan

    I just dont get it. Why have such a harsh crop and another new lens system… I was under the impression that these cameras were supposed to be compact, light and simple to use.

    When Sony announced the E Mount, I hung my head, being a Minolta/Sony user for many many years I really did not want to double up on lenses. Yes both Nikon and Sony systems have adapters but why not just build the dam things around the existing lens systems…

    P.S. with the uptake of DSLR/SLT cameras growing and growing, why are manufacturers putting advanced tech into these compacts when they could plough it into their high end amateur / Pro models?

    It seems that ALL the major players are putting all of their resources into pointless high spec’d consumer systems/bodies and starting to forget about their serious/pro users!

  • Anonymous

    These mirrorless cameras remind me of netbooks. 
    Everyone will want one because they are fun and small, but soon they’ll realize that they are not up to snuff and either go back to high end point and shoots or low end DSLRs. 

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Regarding M43, I think that was probably over brand tarnishing.  How would it look for a heavyweight in the camera market to bow down to a collective standard that they had previously disregarded entirely?  It’d look like they were late to the game, which they are, and had no foresight, which is probably true, but it would also water down their brand and forfeit their power over their own products.

    I agree with you, I shot Nikon SLRs for 15 years, but I’d be hard pressed to buy into this new system.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    It’s hard to judge because those are JPG, but from what I’m seeing I’d have to disagree.  The darks look terrible, and the random noise is not impressive.  It’s not awful the worst I’ve seen, but it’s not impressive.  Again though, with only JPGs to inspect it’s inconclusive.

  • Anonymous


    Exactly – hence my microsloth comment.