Clever Wedding Photo Booth Made Using a Canon T3i

We’ve seen DSLR photo booth projects before, but usually they’re just simple ways for guests at an event to take self-portraits of themselves. Kevin over at I Dream In Code actually made a fancy photo booth for his brother’s wedding that prints out a nice keepsake for guests:

It is an Arduino connected to a Staples easy button. When pressed, it starts the sequence of taking 4 pictures on the Canon T3i, triggered through the 2.5mm earphone jack.

The pictures are wirelessly transferred over an adhoc network using an EyeFi Pro SD card. On the laptop, it is looking in a directory for 4 pictures, takes the 4 of them, combines them into one photo along with a picture of Andrew and Jenn, and prints it out.

The entire process from pressing the Easy Button to having the photo pop out takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Check out his blog post for more of the technical details.

Automated Photobooth (via Reddit)

  • Kevin

    Thanks for posting this!  Looks like you are the first blog to pick it up after I posted it to reddit.  Glad you like my little project.

    –Kevin (I Dream In Code)

  • Michael Zhang

    Hey Kevin,

    You’re welcome :) Feel free to drop me an email with any interesting developments!


  • Kevin

    You bet I will.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Out of interest, why would you not just use a standard remote shutter release?

  • Corinne

    Cool – Has Kevin developed a custom application to format the 4 photographs or is it using an existing program?