Real Life Cyborg: Man Replaces Lost Eye with Wireless Camera

You might want to skip this post if you’re squeamish. A filmmaker named Rob Spence has successfully become a cyborg by replacing an eye he lost through a childhood accident with a wireless camera that transmits everything he sees to a computer. Spence believes that technology may soon reach the point where are be tempted to swap out their body parts for superior prosthetics. No word on when he’ll be able to apply Instagram filters to his eye camera photos.

(via Mail Online)

  • Cochese

    If I ever lose an eye, I could only dream of replaceing it with something like this!

  • Mark J P

    I was watching this piece on Sky News a few days ago.  It was kind of interesting but some of the things he was saying seemed a little strange to me and overall I got the impression it was just a marketing gimmick for the latest Deus Ex game rather than something he genuinely believes in.

  • Henning Nilsen

    I’d totally cut off my limbs if I could replace them with superior technology.
    Then again, once we actually reach that level of advancement it will be so expensive that it will segregate the spicies into two sub species. Human and Human+.

    Just like Deus Ex, there would be riots, there would be protests and there would be war.