Sony LA-EA2 Helps Turn Your NEX into an Unwieldy Camera

Lost in the commotion of Sony’s awesome camera announcements was the official unveiling of the LA-EA2 A-mount adapter, which we reported on a couple weeks ago. This fancy lens adapter lets you use Sony’s Alpha line of DSLR lenses with NEX mirrorless bodies without the loss of autofocus functionality by having a translucent mirror and autofocus system baked into the adapter itself!

Adding a large lens and electronic viewfinder to a NEX body leaves you with one strange looking camera, but the ability to use your existing lens collection on a new mirrorless camera is definitely a big deal (hopefully Canon and Nikon offer something similar if they announce mirrorless cameras soon). The LA-EA2 will cost $400 when it arrives in November.

(via Foto Actualidad)

  • Hugo Viens

    Is it possible that will accelerate the downfall of low-end DSLRs or completely replace them?

  • Herr Höhlengleichnis

    why? i mean, you look like an dumb-ass with that. for a new model of nex cameras you have to pay for a new model of the LA-EA2 then. this lacks sense of logic. just keep on buying… micro four thirds lenses are not heavy enough – you need MORE BIGGER LENSES for your weeny camera! ;D

  • Cinek

    This adapter is for camcoders like FS100 with e-bayonet. Of course that it’s silly to use it on NEX cameras!

  • Zachery Jensen

    I have one application in mind for this adapter, to be used on a camera that is 90% used for street and landscape photography, which is the occasional tripod/monopod mounted nature photography coupled with what amounts to an unwieldy lens on any camera (a 70-400, or 150-500, or similarly sized lens).

    This device is for edge cases, for people who don’t want to own multiple cameras just because they occasionally need that boosted AF on a big fat lens, as well a for video.  Just because you don’t have a use for it doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome to have the option.

    Nobody’s making you buy it.

  • Igogosh

    Made me laugh!!! That’s a Compact Camera!!!
     I recently bought a Vertical control grip for a Full Frame Camera to balance such lenses (85mm F1.4 Carl Zeiss for full frame DSLR) so they don’t slip out of my right hand when I shoot for extended periods of time. Sony make smaller lenses for this COMPACT cameras.

  • Sony is Minolta unfortch

    the guy does make a good point. This adapter [ which they should have made the first one like this] is going to be somewhere in the ballpark of 400 clams.Then you have to buy an nex camera to use it. That would make both over a grand easily after taxes.Sony must think that the world is financially booming and  people grow money-trees in their backyard. It’s safe to say that this and the NEX 7 [1400 usd with lens] are going to be great Sony products no many people will be able to afford to buy. What happens if they dont sell well? Why..Sony Minolta will just abandon users and stop making them just like they’ve decided to stop making dlrs after making dlst’s.
    Meanwhile Canon and Nikon are laughing all the way to a bigger bank with their line of entry level dslr’s. If Sony was smart, what they should have done to begin with was to make csc cameras with a pellicle mirror. Thus taking away the need to make this adapter or even slt cameras. and when it comes to not selling…look what olympus has done to their pen f, om, 4/3 camera lines. You can count on wealthy enthusiasts for so much revenue..the bottom line always rests with the mass market. And the mass market is not going to be able to afford a NEX with this adapter with Zeiss lenes.
    This is not going to be a question of ” nobody’s making you buy it” This is going to be a question of” no ones going to buy it cause no one can afford it.”

  • Flgraphics

    this is making compacts almost as big as DSLRs.. so what is the point?

  • Flgraphics

    this is making compacts almost as big as DSLRs.. so what is the point?

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense to me… I was torn between a nex 7 and an a77… looks like I can now go ahead and get the nex 7… For me the nex would allow me to use some other Nikon and Leica lenses that otherwise are collecting dust… had this option not been available I wasn’t sure if giving up phase autofocus to use the nex’s contrasting auto focus was worth it… now I wont have to make that choice… and the only time the phase detect would be of value was when using it as a camcorder and when I do that I think having a bigger heavier beast I hold like a telescope will not be that bad compared to holding a dslr style camera…. For some people that are trying to simplify down to one body for both still shots and video this seems a good option.  I only hope the nex 7 evf works as well as it is hyped.

  • Tony

    csc cameras? thats what sony’s whole line of point and shoot cameras are for. Nikon and canon laughing all the way to a bigger bank? thats why sony is number 2 in overall camera sales. 

  • bmwolf

    I think this would work much better if it also acted as a vertical grip for the Nex. Missed opportunity IMO.

  • Mr.New

    If you think about the NEX camera as a digital back, it makes sense to buy the adapter so one can use not only E mount lenses, but A mount lenses as well. There are plenty of people who use the NEX cameras as “digital backs” to shoot large Canon, Nikon, and many other larger lenses. With the adapter, you get autofocus and get to use a large range of a-mount Zeiss lenses. Makes sense to me.

  • Peter

    Surely the answer is for Sony to bring out a wider range of Sony E lenses as well as an expensive adaptor.   TheE  range lacks a 70mm – 300mm lens.   I hope the adaptor will not discourage Sony from bringing one out as this all looks rather messy and unwieldy 

  • Oscar

    Many of you missed the point…
    this is an option – and a great. I have a lot of nice a mount lenses and are now able to use them on my nex7 – and when im done using them I can remove the adapter and put the nex in my pocket with a 16mm. pancake. The entire idea is modules guys. It beats the hell out of any mid DSLR hands down. Looks silly? Who cares.. 24mp sensor with the sony 16-50 (2.8) beautiful. I bet that the guys whining here havent even had a NEX7 with the LA-EA2 adapter in there hand. Autofocus (phase detection) nice :)
    Thank you Sony – just love it.

  • Jean-Pierre Lafleur

    The point is, for me anyway, is this:
    1- I have an A700 with a nice array of lenses.
    2- I needed a smaller camera for off-the-cuff shooting and in my motorcycle.
    3- I need a second camera for some shoots (either quick lens change or for use by my wife) and don’t want to invest in a third camera
    I get to have this second camera for what I use it most (compact use) but with a little accessory in my bag, it becomes a second DSLR-type camera with my good glass.