Why Cheap Craigslist Photogs Won’t Kill the Wedding Photography Business

Poke around on Craigslist, and you’ll find that it’s filled with ads selling professional services at dirt-cheap prices, including photographers offering to shoot weddings for just a few hundred dollars. Does this spell doom for the wedding photography business? Probably not.

Jeff Revell over at PhotoWalkPro writes,

Well yesterday [a friend] called me and I could tell he was kind of upset. I asked what was wrong and he said “Jeff, do you know what they are charging for weddings on Craigslist? How can I compete with a $300 wedding?” I told him flat out that he can’t, nor should he. It took me a few minutes to get through to him but when I did, he finally saw the light. I asked him if he thought that the people that were hiring a $300 wedding photographer would pay $2500 for the same service. Probably not. That’s means that he isn’t really competing for those customers. His customer is the one that recognizes the value of a true professional that will deliver professional results. Get that? The key word here is professional.

His point is that you shouldn’t be competing on price, but on quality. Focus on that, and you’ll be targeting a different segment of the market.

Are Cheap Craigslist Weddings Killing the Wedding Photography Business? [PhotoWalkPro]

Image credit: Wedding Photographer by Kip Praslowicz

  • MisterButterworth

    This is a case of the Rolls Royce owner sneering at the driver of a pick-up truck. Its one thing for a bride to justify spending $3000 for a wedding album. The $3000 wedding photographer claiming that $300 is unjust is completely out of line. Get over yourself.

    Give the people what they need at a price they can afford. Those who work for FREE diminish the value of professional labor.

    My wife and I are both professional photographers. We got married in Las Vegas and paid $300 for our photographer. It was everything we wanted at the time. I don’t think we’ve looked at the photos since the initial viewing.

    One year after the wedding, how many couples could even tell you where their wedding album is (providing their $3000 wedding photographer has delivered it )?