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Wedding Photographer Wanted. Compensation: Tolls



We were tipped to an “absurd” wedding photography job listing posted to Craigslist in New York City that apparently ruffled some feathers among photographers.

“I need a wedding photographer,” the person wrote. “We are having a very exclusive wedding party […] it will happen on Saturday […] so we are in a rush.” Here’s a screenshot that contains the original text (click it for a larger version):


We’ll break down the gig for you. If you take this job as a wedding photographer, here’s what you’re signing up for:

1. A “full day wedding” that starts at 11am and lasts until 1am — 14 hours. You don’t need to stay the whole time, but “be prepared for a long day.”

2. A pre-wedding shoot with the bride at 9:30am.

3. Delivering all the RAW photos on a flash drive.

The requirements for the job:

1. You must own a car.

2. You must be on time.

3. You must be a good professional photographer, not an amateur.

4. You must eat a breakfast that lasts you the whole day, or pay $150 for a meal.

In exchange, you will receive:

1. No payment. It’s “a non-pay event.”

2. Reimbursement for the tolls you pay to get to the wedding.

3. Photos from an “exclusive wedding party” you can use to build up your portfolio.

We haven’t quite done the math, but this seems like a fantastic deal for any pro wedding photographer. Uhhh… Right?

“I really hope no one responds to this s**t,” says a response posted to the same Craigslist gigs page. “WTF kind of insulting nonsense is this? And does he really think that any qualified professional with the gear and experience to make his wedding look good would settle for such treatment?”

Both the original job listing and the response we were linked to have since been flagged and removed from Craigslist, but it seems this type of request is becoming increasingly common these days.