Remember That Hipstamatic Wedding Pic Craigslist Ad? Here Are the Photos

Photography purists, you might want to look away. For the rest of you: remember that Craiglist listing we shared a couple of months ago posted by a couple looking for Hipstamatic wedding photographers? Among the hoards of enthusiastic Hipstamatic shooters who responded were Keith and Marc, hosts of the iPhoneography podcast TinyShutter. After being chosen for the gig, they drove down to Connecticut from Massachusetts and New Hampshire to capture the wedding with their iPhones.

Here’s a selection of the photographs that resulted:

After shooting the wedding, the two photographers interviewed the couple to talk about the experience.

The couple, Katie and Artie, had chosen an Alice in Wonderland theme for their wedding. An obsessed fan of Hipstamatic, Katie wanted to find someone to document their wedding in retro filters. The special guests were never intended to be the main photographers of the wedding, but simply a small piece of the fun; even the couple’s family and friends didn’t know that there were dedicated Hipstamatic photographers in attendance.

There are also apparently a good deal of people who are interested in this kind of gig. The couple’s initial post attracted 50-60 responses, and it wasn’t until their second post — the one that we featured — that they found Keith and Marc.

You can find a larger selection of the photographs here.

Image credits: Photographs by Marc Sadowski and Keith Tharp and used with permission