The Negative Effect: A Documentary About Film Photography Lovers

The Negative Effect is a documentary film by Malaysian director Dick Chua about a group of youngsters obsessed with film and lo-fi photography. He followed the group of about 40 photo-enthusiasts back in 2008 as they traveled to Penang Island in Malaysia to shoot and put on a photography exhibition without any sponsorship or support. The film premiered in Malaysia in 2009 and Singapore in 2011. Hopefully it’ll start showing internationally soon, or at least become available as a DVD.

Photography-related movies have been hit-and-miss lately. Bill Cunningham New York scored a whopping 98% Fresh on RottenTomatoes, while the Bang Bang Club movie only got 40%.

Thanks for the tip Samath!

  • Maria din Boscheti

    A documentary about people like me, how nice. I sure hope we will be able to see it too soon.

  • Okafor Nonso

    i like this

  • Popples

    No thoughts, no reflexion, no real photographic/philosophical point of view, no background, no real work behind this, nothing to say : common people taking dumb photos just for the hype. So what?… I’d rather have the point of view of real photographers (Luc Delahaye, Christopher Morris, Patrick Chauvel, Shoji Ueda, Sarah Moon, etc.) instead of people like me. To force me to think, to reconsider things.
    Experts talks can sometimes disturb you, but they push you up, they inspire you, they help you to think different.
    Talks from people like you makes you confortable, but not better. You stay where you are with the people you belong to without event trying to understand there are plenty of different classes, societies, etc.
    We need expertise and some conflictual talks. Not this kind of conventional and empty discussions.
    Sorry for being cynical by such a beautiful day.

  • Beniciomurray

    People being brought together by a shared love for toy and vintage photography. A very positive message indeed.

  • Joshbaker

    Weird, I do agree with both Popples and Benicio.

  • SG

    Some of those kids actually hold the camera as if it were digital, at arm’s length rather tha with their eye in the eyepiece. Interesting.

  • Blu_d

    Why do they prefer film over digital? Did any of them actually say? I’m with Popples, there’s not much depth to this.

  • Anonymous

    maybe they’re just having fun?