Film Telling the Story of the Bang-Bang Club Set to Hit Theaters

“The Bang Bang Club” is an upcoming movie about — you guessed it — the Bang-Bang Club: photographers Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek, and Joao Silva.

The Bang Bang Club is the real life story of a group of four young combat photographers – Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva, Kevin Carter and Ken Oosterbroek – bonded by friendship and their sense of purpose to tell the truth. They risked their lives and used their camera lenses to tell the world of the brutality and violence associated with the first free elections in post Apartheid South Africa in the early 90s. This intense political period brought out their best work (two won Pulitzers during the period) but cost them a heavy price. [#]

Kevin Carter is the photographer who won a Pulitzer prize for his photo of a starving Sudanese toddler and a vulture nearby. Joao Silva is the photographer who was severely injured in 2010 after stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan. The film debuted back in 2010 to pretty favorable reviews, and will hit theaters in the US in April 2011.