Buy this Canon 7D and 70-200mm Piggy Bank to Save Money

This Canon 7D and 70-200mm combo only costs $36 and helps you save money. How? Well it’s actually a fancy piggy bank! Like the Canon 350D and 24-105mm L piggy bank we shared last year, you use this one by shoving coins into the lens.

Both the camera and lens appear to be life-sized, and look pretty realistic (they could be used as dummy gear if you need it for some reason).

You can buy one over at Brando Workshop for $36.

DSLR Camera EF 70-200mm USM II Coin Bank (via Technabob via planet5D)

  • TylerIngram

    They should have painted the hood black. That beige one looks odd

  • Walt

    Was just about to say that.  Not too shabby otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Screw it on a real lens and convince your friends it’s a high-end L-lenshood

  • Michael Zhang

    You can actually buy real white ones:


  • Dannynoonan82

    You can save up to buy a Nikon!

  • Dannynoonan82

    You can save up to buy a Nikon!

  • Jlynn

    If I didn’t already have a 7d & 70-200 I might have money to put in a piggy bank.

  • Xcalibur

    Story of my life……Sinking money into lenses

  • Fotonutzz

    Actually, the lens is not 1:1 life size.  Its smaller than the real 70-200F2.8.  The diameter is only about 72mm and not 77mm as the filter and lens cap is bigger.  The body is quite accurately rendered though.

    Sadly, my lens hood was broken into pieces when it arrived.  Asking Brandotoys to send me a replacement lens hood.  Tried using my spare hood, but it doesn’t fit