Camera Brands with Split Personalities

Logo designer Graham Smith has a neat project called “Brand Reversions” in which the logo styles of famous companies are swapped with their competitors. Canon and Nikon swap styles in the logos above, while Leica’s famous red dot takes on Panasonic’s Lumix brand name. Check out the rest on Smith’s website.

Brand Reversions (via My Modern Met via Laughing Squid)

  • Henning Nilsen

    The lumix makes me cringe.
    Hilarious non the less though.

  • Sam

    This hurts my brain…

  • Nikonian Brutha

    this. is. blasphemy.

  • Dbltapp00

    Can I now finally buy a canon D300?!

  • Mario Amaya

    Greetings to PetaPixel from Brazil!

    I would like to reveal to you that I created a whole series of “split personality logos” back in 2008 – only I named them slightly differently, as “mashup logos”. As far as I know, nobody else did similar work before then, despite the apparent obviousness of the idea. Here you can see the series, which includes some photography-related brands, but is not restricted to them:

    Yes, there is also a “Leica+Lumix” logo there – which was the one to catch my attention here and prompted me to comment. But you can see that some of them, like Microsoft and Nintendo, are already dated and badly aged; after all, product branding is meant to change all the time. My favorite ones to date are Google and Nikon.

    I don’t bother if more people follow the concept, as once you have the idea it is easy to conceive all sorts of funny and bizarre logo combinations, some meaningful, some cheap. In order to create a nice and worthwhile visual pun, I intently limited my design philosophy. I have to respect to the utmost detail the original lettering and finish from the source logos, not simply slap together the concept of one over the appearance of another. In order to do that, I had to employ my previous background in typeface design. The results betray the serious work involved. Besides, I sought to combine logos in order to create a sense of irony that transcended their obvious connections.

    The “logo mashups” have quite gone viral in their time of initial release, and got publicity and comments in some well-known graphic design and branding websites around the world. As a matter of fact, three years later I intend to feature them in an upcoming art exhibition, along with some new unreleased pieces.

  • The_Animal

    Seeing the Nikon wording in Canon red and the Canon at the bottom of the Nikon logo…makes me want to throw up.