Nikon D5100 Carefully Dissected, Found to Have “4 Billion” Screws

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the guts of a Nikon D5100 look like, iFixit just published a meticulously documented teardown of the camera. Aside from pointing out the various parts found in the body, an interesting conclusion the iFixit team came to was that the D5100 has a horrible “Repairability Score” of 2/10, where 10 is easiest to repair. The reason? “Approximately 4 billion screws hold the device together” (They’re exaggerating, of course).

You can find the complete teardown here.

Thanks for the heads up Harry!

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  • Dr.Love

    If it takes a good image then that’s all I need to know.

  • Teknisyan

    Just bring it back to Nikon and they can repair it even though it has 4 billion screws… lols…

  • Jordanasch


  • Utsav Lall


    Ok. Lets suppose a screw weighs 1gram… if 4 Billion Screws are present, that would be :-

    1*4000000000 = 4000000000 grams = 4000000kgs = 4000 tonnes…

    I dont think so a camera weighs same as that of 61 BOING 474 FLIGHT!!!

    So, OF COURSE they have exaggerated a bit.. :P

  • Dsfsadf

    I dont think one screw weights 1gm….. i dont think even 20 screws weights 1 gm….

  • Guy

    bull shit. no way this camera has 4 billion screws. i don’t even think it has 1000 screws. haha ridiculous

  • buzzjunkie

    Even if 100 screws weighs 1 gram, that’s still a camera weighing 40 tonnes! Or 1000 screws weighing 1 gram – a 4 tonne camera! It’s bollox!