Roaming the Sidewalks of Derby with Street Photographer Bruce Gilden

Magnum street photographer Bruce Gilden shoots his candid portraits on sidewalks by walking right up to strangers and sticking his camera and flash up into their faces, as seen in the “walking NYC streets” video we featured last year. In the behind-the-scenes video above, British Journal of Photography editor Olivier Laurent follows Gilden around as he shoots a project in Derby, England.

(via Photoxels)

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  • bri

    I can’t decide whether he is really brave or really stupid

  • david

    When i saw the “walking NYC streets” video back when it made the rounds, i didn’t really like him that much. He seemed rather harsh. I like him more in this though, this time he seems calmer, more reasonable…


    Really interesting approach but very scatter-dash! I like him though.

    Worth it for the odd gem of a photo.

    It’s also a good technique for not disarming people too much, because then they don’t look natural. That quick head-on ambush is only way to do it. Speed works.

  • Mark Stokes

    I have seen videos of him before. I think it’s too invasive for me, but I always wonder how does he manage the issue of release forms to use / sell his work? I have never seen him ask to get one signed?

  • wmkolb

    Complete idiot.

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  • Ed1987

    Here in NZ, if you take the pictures in public spaces and publish them in an editorial/non commercial way, you don’t need a release.┬áIt’s only when you tie a person’s image to a product/brand without their permission that you get trouble. A book of art photographs, even if sold for profit is still considered no commercial use.

  • Dan Howard

    I wish I had the balls to do it… too many chavs in my home town tho.